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@GregimusPrime77 Me: I'm only buying this cool looking Sheriff figure, I don't really want to watch that Stranger T…
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RT @lookaretgirl: Basta fam, let's be fair to Edward ha? Wag natin syang sisihin sa pambabash ng mga bashers kay MayMay and don't hol…
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RT @Bladerunnerandy: Fantastic show on @BBCWales #shepherdessofsnowdonia @TeleriFielden fair play there isn’t many men that could do wh…
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@IronEconomist you can't seriously think that's a fair comparison
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@MikeyWeinstein When has @FoxNews ever been NEWS or FAIR and BALANCED? They are a propaganda tool for Trump.
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RT @acarboni: I think my main criticism of adulthood is there are no surprise Scholastic Book Fairs. Nothing brightens a day like a surprise book fair.
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RT @TrillxLove: can u imagine a boy getting flowers for u one day or writing little notes to you or holding your hand on a fair rid…
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RT @http_adii: So last night I saw a very Interesting booth at the fair. When I got closer to it the lady running it asked me to t…
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RT @uap_usg: Everyone is ready for UNITAS Fair! Program will start in a few minutes. Let's Shaka together 🤙 #ShakaUF
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RT @SafetyPinDaily: Ben Carson Moves Forward With Push To Change Fair Housing Rule | Via: NPR
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RT @PetrCech: .@Arsenal we share important values which make us a big club not only on the football side . Fair competition, prof…
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Fair play 👏
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RT @Maz16024672: @jaelmolew @tonyclarke43 @steve_hawkes @johndmtb I honestly can't remember a time when law abiding citizens who wan…
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RT @MAGAGal1052: “To ignore evil, is to become accomplice to it”. - Martin Luther King, Jr.
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RT @LeftyPleb: @Paul1Singh @megbenitez 46% anti is a joke. Skewed totally. I don't know anyone local to me calling for Corbyn to g…
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@EnJillRaz We'll still be there for the last day of SALI: Org and Community Fair tomorrow!! We hope to see you ❤✨
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RT @KATRIBU_UPD: ✨Org Fair Day 2✨ Daan kayo sa booth namin! AS Parking | Tent 16 | 9am-5pm #JoinKATRIBU
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Editorial: Business incentives used to attract companies to #Alabama may be the cost of doing business now, but als…
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@CambridgeUtdFC fair play lads, you produced a legend in super @joshcoulson04 already become a fans favourite with us. #superjoshcoulson
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@charliebsp Better with mutton chops to be fair.
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