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RT @AmiHorowitz: 🚨 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 I'm running for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination because all their current cand…
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RT @NaegaFox: Here's something to put a smile on your face today~ 😁
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RT @lewis_goodall: Sooner or later Brexit needs some kind of electoral event to provide legitimation. The sooner the govt and politici…
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RT @evesjoyce: got these reusable make up cotton pads- only took one to remove full face of make up & once u have used all 18 u ca…
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RT @hopekidoki: When Jimin answered the door Jungkook stood there and said “ turned it off?” with the most offended look on…
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@glamgawwd_1990 Oh girl, that setting spray is poison for your face. Be careful, your face is too precious to destroy with that stuff 😥
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RT @billmckibben: Experts say this spring's massive Midwest flooding shows the proposed Keystone pipeline would face massive engineer…
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This was my solution after yesterday proved that the mask was powerless in the face of the wind. I got hay blown al…
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RT @RFS_Vista: “I don’t call upon you to be bitter, I call upon you to make things better. Despite all the challenges we face, Ame…
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@RobbDawson4 @AOC Even then they get to face those events without crushing debt, as compared to their peers. I thin…
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@shorttnstoutt She knows what she’s talking about though!! She said “I like her hair, and see your face here? It looks normal”
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@eto_o_o_face @rmj_equals_hero @Girl_wonderX but all bets are off once she's back to work, this isn't even the real shit yet
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RT @ClemsonBaseball: #Clemson finishes the 2019 @ACCBaseball regular season in a tie for 7th place & will carry the No. 8 seed into the…
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@AVirtuousThief “I want to ride you...” She said with a soft moan, biting her lip as she turned to face him.
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RT @DavaStarr: Only #MomsAreAllowedTo lick their finger and put it on your face
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@Liz_Wheeler Democrats gleefully support killing babies. And they act like that’s the MORAL stance! They will face…
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Princess, stop it! If you keep pinching your cheeks, you'll ruin your pretty face!
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RT @BmoreBeloved: The way his face twitched when he said "why?" should've been Vlad's cue to not proceed. FINISH HIM! 🗣🗣🗣😭
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Feels like a hair dryer on your face by summer 😂
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RT @WNINE1: @DemsAbroadCan @SenGillibrand What are you doing for 9 million dual citizens that face onerous usa tax laws?
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