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RT @EuProcessor: EPI software on the menu: Jesus Labarta is explaining EPI hierarchical system. @BSC_CNS
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RT @Chloeapri: When shit like this happens my first thoughts are oh no my dad is gonna loose his shit 🤦🏻‍♀️ really not looking for…
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Kit-launches really are a THING now aren’t they? Like a full-blown, production value, cameo-seasoned video, explai…
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RT @Chain_Bumble: Me Explaining to other how great Hunter x Hunter & Fairy Tail are Me: Them:
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RT @JaneMundon: If anyone says they knows what they knew what they were voting for in the EU Ref, then they should be made listen (…
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@CountrywideUK we are still awaiting a response to an email explaining the enormous delay.
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Airline apologises for explaining where on a plane you're most likely to die #travel
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RT @4breezy__: Honestly Meg, the ppl you gotta keep explaining this to aren’t hot girls. Real hot girls took note the first time.…
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. Re 'Drug deaths' Have I got this right? In Scotland if you die with drugs in your body, it's recorded, even if dr…
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RT @CK_Mandal: From droughts in Upper Mustang to floods in the southern plains, there are indications all around that the country…
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RT @onlydongpyo: dongpyo: explaining his art seungwoo: i have to ᵖᵃᵗ ᵖᵃᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜʰᵉᵉᵏᶦᵉˢ
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RT @TheDigitalHash: @Hungama_Play new show #AstroVastu will feature renowned Vastu consultant, Acharya Parag Awasthi explaining Vastu S…
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Tannie was yelling at me "Hoe durf jy" .. antie, please. I need to breathe because your son is a nuisance at this m…
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RT @oohmeex: THREAD )I was walking home from the gym and this guy came up to me and was explaining that he draws just for a litt…
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RT @themunalisa_: I stopped explaining myself when I realised, People only understand things from their level of perception.
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RT @andylevy: excited for the op-eds explaining that anyone who points out how fucking disgusting this is is actually helping tru…
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Just dropped the 3 player gc2f steps, if u have any questions u can ask them since i'm not the best at explaining 🙃
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@babiarre If you can't see the antisemitism in the PM of the world's Jewish PM as puppet master of the world then I…
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@BehyndU @Olami_00 Lmao, d 2nd pic is explaining the meaning of romper, its not part of it
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Explaining digital art to a friend of mine
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