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RT @arabnews: Members of the Transitional Military Council and protest leaders are expected to sign the documents in Khartoum tha…
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Hazardous Weather Outlook for Vermilion County: Scattered thunderstorms are possible this morning, and again tonig…
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@nathanodoemelam Honey not everyone comes to that understanding. That's why a person who is an adult and is expecte…
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RT @India_Policy: In the UNSC, India's biggest support came from France, Russia and the US. Expected position from China. And a sur…
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RT @ace_logrono: i fell in love with someone i never expected to fall for
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@Lewd_Kurumu "Well when you're as good as me... It's to be expected." //Fuck yeah!!
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RT @FCBayernEN: @FCBarcelona @Phil_Coutinho Coutinho is expected to arrive in Munich on “Sunday or Monday” to complete the obligato…
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RT @RoziitSofaof: @OH_mes2 Jimin ranks #1 for 8 months consecutively. As expected from our superstar. ❤️
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RT @RyanAFournier: Planned Parenthood kills 350,000 babies every year and receives $500,000,000 in tax dollars annually. They are exp…
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@gerard_t_ I saw some guys on YouTube that expected another American civil war. It was scary stuff them saying what…
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RT @MissMcCleary: The fact that in this generation we reward and praise loyalty like it’s not something that should be expected in a…
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RT @ace_logrono: i fell in love with someone i never expected to fall for
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06:12 Bedford, TX Wx - Precipitation at times, very unsettled, Temp: 81.1 F, DP: 73.2, RH: 77%, Wind: SSE 1 mph, Ba…
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RT @IsaacTheReborn: "I'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU, _______" The 8th image of your gallery is who Zim finds and expected
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RT @enigma_timorous: #NerkondaPaarvai 11 days Tamilnadu gross will be 72-75Crs #BlockBuster and since there are no big releases till the…
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@Landokuhle09 So that a new foundation can be laid down for something greater than you ever expected ✨
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@jrfajj @9GODSZN Wlkm.... Well that was expected
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All of this!!! Mine is the bonkers imagination you never expected wrapped up in an outrageous sexy times package—a…
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RT @Pippincp: @Thogar @SYFY That's why I didn't bother watching #Krypton I expected @SYFY to cancel it. They didn't disappoint...…
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as i expected la kalau game gini
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