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@GregMerson @darrenrovell It’s turned into a whole production of nonsense though. I wouldn’t expect the contest to…
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RT @feedarchive: 220704 🐯💬 UPDATE “i want to show markfs something new like child somehow ㅠㅠ” “i’ll do it when y/n doesn’t expect…
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RT @SaketGokhale: What madrasa did Babu Bajrangi, Shambhu Lal Regar, Sadhvi Pragya etc attend? Of course, hard to expect answers wh…
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@zekieloveswater Ok now I expect to have big tiddies within the next few days
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RT @beenheresince03: can i just say how amazed i am by #Rowoon's acting esp in this episode? god. this is my first time watching him and…
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RT @Shambles151: The Eton Mess gets booed. Nadine Dorres is ignored. The Eton Mess's sister is sworn at. I'm not really sure what t…
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You'd honestly never expect the atmosphere thats produced at Silverstone when Hamilton's on one. Incredible noise w…
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Hope you enjoy the shirt @Amb_Ulyanov we expect photos of you wearing it around the office.
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@keesokan Jujur the least person I expect to meet
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@Yamino I expect a baller ass Furiosa cosplay from you this year!
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RT @PsychologyF_: Psychology says, the best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone.
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oohhh sureeee go ahead and ask things that are already OBVIOUS and DON'T expect me to respond 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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If kwankwaso later accept to become @PeterObi running mate please don't accept him. There is something hidden und…
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RT @B_Mbovu: Fuel prices going up again. Unstable electricity supply. Soon the MPC will hike the repro rate once again. In t…
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@MissInfoMits SO DID I 🤣 but really, what did he expect to happen?
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RT @CensoredLubbers: Early morning tomorrow the largest protests in #Dutch history are expected as farmers, truckers, fishermen and seve…
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RT @kansdero_: Catch The Fire Makerere was exceptional, birthed a certain hunger🔥 Catch The Fire Kyambogo was over whelming....…
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So then what is the point of voting Democrats or doing anything under your ideas? If legislating does nothing, if w…
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RT @kaivslr: 15 | dm/reply if done ;) don't expect that much 😩 #jakol #bagets #alterpinoy #alternewbie
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gettin turnt today and it is not that deep bitch I am from kansas what do u expect????
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