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RT @RvchAliyahx: There’s something a little comforting about human existence finally ending..
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I hate west coast trips. Nothing ever good comes out of Oakland and the West. The west should just be banned from e…
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it’s almost the one year anniversary of Richard Madden acknowledging my existence I’m sad!
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i wish my existence was enough
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RT @ctrace18: I have seen @hadestown. I have heard Eva Noblezada sing live. You may now remove me from existence. I have experienced everything.
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RT @AiKON1022131: They remake Hanbin's songs and removed him from his own songs, when he need full support rn but what he got only…
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@JimIrsay Pagel to Bulter. I've never heard of either of them. Colts didn't come into existence until 1984.
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RT @bugidankjh: I think its true when they said our inner self will reflect ourselves. Because your existence alone are so bright l…
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RT @_BleakWisdom: It’s been a minute since I been in a relationship. To speak it into existence I want my next relationship to filled…
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@_anubhav_tiwari U should see them joke, taunt each other .. That comes only with 65 years of co existence 😂
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Ayo... worlds elite... how about doing something to help with the fires in the Amazon. You mufuckas were ok to rebu…
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hard to fathom humans are forcefully destroying one of the most vital things to our existence. In awe to the point…
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@aconjurewoman Thanks, love! I’m still growing into the responsibility of pleasure and it’s allowing me grace to ju…
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Time to transcend to the next level of species. I’m ready. Current human existence has to be the lowest level of in…
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yall ever forget that sexuality rly Isn't that big a deal n u dont have to fall in love or crush all the time. n re…
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RT @barrydeutsch: #PoliCartoon: The Existence Of Trains Debate Transcript: Help me make more cartoons at…
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Primary orality and oral history came into existence the aim was utility and actually a case.
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Why are you still listening to your own schmoofty-kun ways of thinking about magically teleporting yourself into a…
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RT @yacmnd: jvais le gifler d’une manière il va plus jamais recommencer de son existence
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