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RT @MichellCClark: affirm: i am proud of the person i am becoming. i see growth in every area of my life. every step forward is signi…
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Haruka should make a comeback tour in her 30s and I would be just as excited as I was when I played as her in y5
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past me joining GOs and being excited all over again when things come in the mail
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RT @aadrika__: New #gypsygiraffes dropping soon … Are you excited ? #NFTCommumity #NFTs
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RT @HarryMeg__daily: "We are excited to announce that we are continuing production of Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex’s groundbreak…
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@renevely I’ve headed to Los Angeles last night with all of my precious members from Chicago. I’m sad for leaving C…
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RT @gangsterallstar: Happy Birthday, our Gangster King! @aroundtheduang It's been a long 8 years coming and we are more than excited t…
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RT @Bromleyjuniors: We are 7 tomorrow 🎉🥳 and just a little excited 😆 who’s coming to run/walk 2km and celebrate with us 🎊 🍰🎂🧁
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RT @PuppiesIover: Super excited with his new toy
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RT @bel_moranb: @jinstanonly @BTS_twt VOTE JIN ON TTA Let’s win this award for Jin!! Listening to #Yours_Jin #SuperTuna_Jin and ex…
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RT @FlyingHeads_nft: SleepVerse revealed @ecosystemsleep Who is excited! This Preview is focused on the NFT museum that will be featu…
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RT @imjinsgerinice: @seokjinmylabsss @BTS_twt VOTE JIN ON TTA Listening to #Yours_Jin #SuperTuna_Jin and excited to get demo version o…
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RT @alban_knox: SCHEDULE COMING OUT TOMORROWWWWWW I'm so freaking EXCITED for this one because it's PACKED with cool stuff plus my…
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RT @ItssTauf: Am very much excited about this song. Not only bcoz it features Ruby but also bcoz Armaan and Palak are very talent…
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Excited na uli ako panoorin ang Ways interpretative dance ng Juliever Limitless JULIEVER #JulieVer #AOSDaBest #JulieAnneSanJose
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I'm also very excited about this stuff too! Plus, all that good adventure content!
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Like if you are Excited! Oh Yeah
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RT @cloudydango: “Should I take this—“ Diluc breathes, breathless, “—to mean that you missed me?” excited to finally share some of…
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RT @Melissa04899261: @jms_Vocalist @BTS_twt Mimi Park Jimin Perfect man l'm so excited to listen to the most beautififul OST #WithYou…
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