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RT @otb28sun: tw // lights flashing the epic guitar solo + everyone singing the bridge + the soft ending!!! IM AFRAID HE ATE AND…
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RT @soobwhat: The way everyone is falling for soobins cuteness 😭 even my yoonmin on suchwita
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RT @BishopPOEvang: On the strength of this alone Mr Bola Tinubu should disown @inecnigeria from parading him as president elect.…
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Who are you when you're not performing for everyone else
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RT @elldezey: @RedEyedApple $IC on 🔥 everyone can feel it that something is brewing ✅️🔑
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RT @Waspapping_: Five men burnt to death for allegedly trying to steal tricycle in Onitsha 5 breathing adults But twitter is calm.…
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RT @MikeToutonghi: We all need a censorship-resistant, rent-free, permissionless, decentralized, read/write anchor of provable individ…
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RT @jessicamauboy: Last night was incredible!! Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in, it was such a rush being back on the…
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RT @poetscorneruk: Everyone standing over the free kick. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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RT @arijitchakrav: An important meta-story about news coverage in the pandemic has been about the sleight of hand that’s performed by…
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RT @SameBunny0: I am currently following everyone who likes and Retweets! 🎗🌺
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Good Morning to everyone from Memphis ONLY!! 〽️〽️‼️
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RT @x_sevenheaven_x: choreographer said break but bts heard make everyone scream and shake. a thread-
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RT @GuntherEagleman: Good morning and happy Monday to everyone who knows… Trump won Pennsylvania Trump won Wisconsin Trump won Michig…
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RT @hmmlalisa: Everyone was even singing LALISA, WORD FOR WORD. Lisa will never have a dead crowd nor a black ocean, sorry. 🥹✨…
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RT @HUAWEI_TECH4ALL: #DigitalSkills build a digital world where everyone is welcome! 📱💻🌐 Follow us for the latest projects & news
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RT @xunhuas: We all know Sehun as a calm and collected person who values peace and privacy more than anything else, so for him t…
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Big thanks to everyone who picked up my book, Ghost Flower, for the #TransRightsReadathon! Also, did you know tha…
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like everyone hears free speech and suddenly go dumb. all of you are brainless and immoral freaks. just SHUT THE FUCK UP.
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