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I don’t consider us to particularly have a large following here or view this following as indicative of broader plu…
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Every time someone makes this argument I roll my eyes into infinity. Accepting our plurality caused us to lose irl…
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Still waiting for it to be explained to me in simple terms what social gain people get from publicly claiming DID a…
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@PopBase Didn't they spend like 2 million dollars on that though? Here's some snippets from the esoteric design she…
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@Thecccccccccc Idk who moldbug is I just like having wierd esoteric words
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yeah ime kinda a based esoteric music enjoying chad 🤓
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RT @baroquespiral: Philosopher dude c. 1770 is also Esoteric Twitter Schizoposter c. 2023 and imo it's existentially important to find…
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@ArgieLibSoc @SocDoneLeft The disturbing part is how much they have naturalized this view of politics in the US. Co…
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@Chris_w_joseph @At0micTh0mas Understand man. I want 2talk 2my gf about the pre-Atlantis link to current uap but sh…
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@Empty_America This was where I first realized the absurdity of esoteric health Twitter Modern tap water, especial…
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Drinking a Valkyrie Norwegian IPA by Esoteric Brewing Co. @ Esoteric —
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Bonus: despite my pivot into wook adjacent antics and esoteric bullshit, I can and will still fuck you up at Pokémo…
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@genericisekaimc happens every day, DAM painted my esoteric child hood friend again
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The childbirth thing is bad but the bio is based. Normalize wierd esoteric bios.
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@TheJWittz No, you must create a two hour esoteric video essay regarding Pokémon Trozei, then dip from YT for two years
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@thesoulundone @ismsandsundry please do not open the door to elaborate puzzle messages unless you are prepared to a…
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@girapalle @At0micTh0mas Agreed. 99.999% of the population completely blocks it or ignores anything related to esot…
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@TakeOthers @At0micTh0mas An esoteric or uap centric dating site could be called: UAP DTF.. Lol😂
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Any esoteric treatments for seasonal allergies? They tend to hit me like a TRAIN in springtime. lmk ⬇️
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@esoteric_system if i have dog brain anything goes i get you lmao
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