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RT @mygbebe: Wembley is England's biggest stadium and they're probably going to be the first Korean act or group to sell out the…
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@gwynne121 @AB84 Brown will not be playing for the following teams in 2019: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Baltimore and Ne…
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She was born here. She was up here (by a jihadi father) and educated here. She left Britian to join ISIS. She *was*…
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RT @godlenv5: @RodneyConcrete true that one rod. england is for top shaggers an not poofs 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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@Johnnedhyman I thought you were from New England where schools never close for snow
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RT @SalonRebooted: Would you like to hear never-before recorded songs by Pauline Von Decker? The Salon is incredibly grateful to Arts…
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RT @MalcolmJarod: The New England Patriots. That’s the name of one of my guardian angels. I’ll love them forever.
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RT @Cechque: Before our fans start talking about our decision to sell Gnabry, a reminder that it wasn't the case. We wanted to e…
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If anyone wants to kill a three day weekend running a Marathon in New England, I've got a referral link for you (do…
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RT @WhatTheFFacts: England is smaller than New York state.
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RT @CharlieBCuff: Joy Morgan is a student missing from Hertfordshire University who hasn't been heard from since 27 Dec. She's a blac…
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RT @lucretiaw14: Looking back into the city of London 🇬🇧 in the evening 🌃 If you are heading to London soon check out my post all ab…
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@RodneyConcrete true that one rod. england is for top shaggers an not poofs 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
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guys im going to england france germany and switzerland in 10 mfing DAYS
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@Synaes Hey, Sarah! How are you doing over in England? Still enjoying the clips!
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The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In New England via @culturetrip
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Most expensive ODI spells for Bangladesh: 2-97 (9 ovs) - Shafiul Islam v England - Edgbaston 2010 3-95 (10 ovs) - S…
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If you thought one 19 year old trying to get back to England was scary, seriously follow @rcallimachi and listen to…
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@redfacts That first pic looks like the same hat the queen of England wears in all her photos. Trendy ol’ gal way a…
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@LouDobbs Great show - (Lou Dobbs Tonight” 2/19/19) ! TRAITORS IN OUR government - EVERYDAY is “Guy Fawkes day” (JE…
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