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@tharroswrites @Superevey1 @Isa_chaii KACCHAKO ENERGY XD My husband loves to put things on shelves I can't reach a…
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RT @MABIN2_: When you’re really comfortable with yourself it’s so easy to spread love and good energy.
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RT @JDaIey: Dating someone who has the same energy as you is so important.
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be aware of your energy. stay positive, stay happy
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big dumb bitch energy today, got schwasted w lauren at the park nd lost all concept of time then missed my bus to jersey🙈🙈
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RT @ErikSolheim: Wow! Delhi Metro To Go Fully Solar By 2021. Begins Operations now With Violet Line. Will make bid to be world’s fir…
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RT @theonlytonisha: Wanna be friends with females that match my energy & on the same level as me , not bitches who follow the crowd and…
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RT @TaylorGregory32: Stop putting an effort into those who show no effort towards you. There’s only so much you can do before you’re was…
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Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solution Gali Wirausaha Muda Yang Kreatif
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RT @ShawnaDanae: My energy has been off lately and I hate it because I don’t feel like myself.
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RT @__leeyaahlee: don’t kiss his ass , match his energy. do him like he do you.
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@Energy_Hitman Блять это самое тупое что я слышала хД одежду распределять по возрасту просто штоооооо нахуя люди са…
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@NgovSir @Itshokeng_Sue7 @AshTin_RSA This is the most matured way to handle this. Do what you can ita kula nwana. A…
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RT @RICSSouthAsia: Changing #Construction Consistency is key. [Infographics from @SPGlobalPlatts report 'Building Bridges: Energy and…
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RT @fxrrzhvrdd1xuh: "Sexy killer emang boong?" Ngga. Filmnya bagus, mendidik, edukasi buat kita biar saving energy dan jangan terlalu…
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Omg Ariana started a little slow and I got afraid she wasn't gonna have enough energy which is fine because she's t…
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RT @MikeHudema: We can literally roll out #solar panels like a rug. Why are we still talking about coal and pipelines? Let's get m…
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keep this same energy when u get back
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RT @meru90: the chaotic energy i get from this pic wow
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