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We are delighted to introduce you to Bev, an Integrative Person Centred Counsellor and EMDR Practitioner. She has a…
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Today my first EMDR session, I'm kinda nervous, but in a sort of good way 😅
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does anyone know any EMDR therapists in ktm 🥲🥲 please
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RT @noirmoonix: today i present Butterfly Hug (a type of EMDR therapy) it's used a lot in dealing with PTSD or calm and soothe your…
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Healing at the speed of thought. EMDR Audio at Theta Brain Wave Frequency provides a fast and portable tool to help…
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@sandyalexgay thank u so much, aw my heart!!!! 🫶 the program I'm doing is CPT focused! I've done EMDR in the past…
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@mimi10v3 @neirenoir @naughtttt I've seen even therapeutic ketamine cause a bad trip. If that builds on some trauma…
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@CHTCTR yup. Had some odd moments in different types, the worst was the one who sided w/someone who was abusing me.…
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@MatanaRoberts For 25 yrs I tried CBT, EMDR, generic talk therapy & simplified Jungian analysis (real analysis = $$…
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RT @WalkingTallMvmt: Please take the time to hear how strong Jason is. @CancerDadPod is exactly what Walking Tall is all about.…
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Onset of migraine.. insomnia, being run down, and an hour of EMDR therapy taking it's toll I think
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@nobrysta I got bored, and I got tired of paying money to chit chat and be told that emdr works.
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#NYC #Psychotherapy Blog: How #EMDR #Therapy Works: EMDR and the #Brain #Trauma…
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@Lissielys Girl how are we the same person. I’m doing EMDR for SA right now!!!!
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RT @Lissielys: to all my girlies (and anyone suffering from trauma for that matter) who’ve experienced any form of sexual abuse or…
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to all my girlies (and anyone suffering from trauma for that matter) who’ve experienced any form of sexual abuse or…
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@thespaceymama @SavLovesSwift Same! I’ve been doing parts work with EMDR and it’s been soooo helpful 🥺🥺
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I start EMDR therapy on Monday and I am feeling very 🙃
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como abrevia emendar? emdr?
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We just opened registration our all-new EMDR Certification Training cohorts and we’re inviting you to sign up and t…
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