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RT @M_Heffernan: This is a huge story. A senior safety consultant at @Shell has just quit via a mic drop email to Ben Van Beurden +…
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queria dialogar com email q to esperando receber isso sim vai pra porra a mulher deu data ate sexta HJ EH SEGUNDA ANDA LOGO COM ISSO
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RT @carawil17888192: She has had a hard life…has old injuries including a broken jaw that healed improperly. Her teethare out of place…
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@Jim_Brunner it's an ironclad rule that everything originating from a email should be assumed to be a joke.
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RT @350Europe: 💥 BREAKING💥 A senior safety consultant for @Shell just quit with a jaw dropping email to the CEO and 1400 employee…
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@FSAnwarTX @CatKaminsky just following up on the email I sent requesting 30,000 yard signs in Loving County? It’s been 2 hours
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MDS como eu odeio o fato do meu nome morto ser meu email
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@JeanRaymone We are truly sorry for your frustrating experience, we would be happy to look into your particular acc…
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Random trivia I use @heyhey for my email and one of its features is to cover up the inbox with a picture. So here i…
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@endclothing when will you send the Jordan 4 confirmation email been 2 days.
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The wrong way to get me to open your recruiting email:
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RT @WhitelistPing: Should we do an NFT for our service? If we do — any engagement on this tweet will be considered for WL. 🤝 Meet Whi…
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@callmetomorow @9to5Google Same network. You can also email
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I did kinda want to spend some of the six hour+ car ride labbing in SCVI since I can't be arsed to do it any other…
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RT @Fylde6s: NORTH WESTS NO.1 ADULT 6ASIDE TOURNAMENT COMING 18TH JUNE !! Who will win the prestigious "Baller of the year" aw…
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@GarimaBagaria15 Hi Garima, we request you to email your concern to along with the details.…
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Se o contato foi por email, a resposta também tem que ser por email !!!
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The embassy gotta email me now I’m ready for my passport
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RT @M_Heffernan: This is a huge story. A senior safety consultant at @Shell has just quit via a mic drop email to Ben Van Beurden +…
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@robzolkos Email me with your specific ideas.
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