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RT @DFF_Blizzard: Ed Oliver = Geno Atkins Is that a hot take? I feel like people are a little too low on just how good he is.
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I was largely self-taught and that led me to think differently. First, rather than subscribing to widely accepted v…
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RT @AdityaRajKaul: Sorry that’s not the whole truth. I remember how my former colleague @shawansen had traveled to London last year an…
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RT @_crumblingfool: I have a dream: Barbara Bonansea che domenica all'Allianz Stadium segna ed esulta con il SIUUUUU di CR7 davanti a 4…
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@imluca_ Certo! Ognuno ha il suo pensiero ed è libero di esprimerlo
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RT @ShehabAgencyEn: 🇵🇸#Palestine : Father of the Palestinian martyr Ra'ed Hamdan (21) bids farewell to his son. Israeli soldiers opene…
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@Brewing_Witch @LaSkilly Atroce, Dio mio. Spero che questo bambino possa crescere da oggi circondato da attenzioni…
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RT @BeyondBorders__: Take a look at the Borderlines Exhibit at the @talbotrice75 Gallery, as the group exhibition explores the conceptua…
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RT @MeetEdgar: Emojis are so popular that even the dictionary uses them! True story. But how can you use them in your marketing?…
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【宣伝】 ワンダーステーションEDテーマ「Liar Game」が公開! 梅凛劇団HPにてお聴きいただけます! 生きるか死ぬかを描いた当作品にあった楽曲となっております!その迫力に魅了されることでしょう!ぜひ、お越しください。
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RT @macitynet: Apple annuncia le Airpods 2: più velocità ed autonomia
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RT @Maysilles: States and university systems are planning major online initiatives. How many can take off? | Inside Higher Ed
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RT @burgessev: Pretty scathing Arizona Republic piece on Sinema not defending McCain amid Trump attacks
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@khatabk93 😂👏🏻 Have to hold my hands up bro. Would pay for PM Ed at this stage. Good call.
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RT @HamptonThink: US capitalists have control of: Congress, SCOTUS, White House, the Fed, military, both major parties, mainstream me…
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@Nminusculus @SenoraCatolica 😂😂😂😂 Infierno seguro Ed
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Si no voy mañana a ed física no le hago un mal a nadie 🤔
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RT @yuma_u_official: \#Speechless 試聴スタート🎶/ 5/8(水)発売の3rdシングルより、表題曲の試聴動画を公開致しました! TVアニメ「#この音とまれ!」EDテーマ🎵 青春の真っ直ぐな輝きを、爽やかなロックサウンドに乗せて優しく歌い…
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RT @kahariblack: Need more context on the upcoming Chicago mayoral election? QUICK READ: ⁦@mairaka⁩ dropped a few gems about why the…
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