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RT @GDayHoopScout: Final - OT Cypress Creek 73 Langham Creek 71 CC: DJ Richards 14 points, Ed Trahan 10 points. LC: RJ Crawford 22…
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@Tupp_Ed @betaburns @faduda I have a note on it (on paper in my office). Can get that tomorrow but I hear it referred to as ENZEP
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You know this is an f’ed up game when the officials penalize the grounds crew. #NEvsMIA
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@mamaque4 @_silentsky_ @niewold_monique @JadeAMiles @NormaiSantos ooh, what if the golden woman fell for ed's curse…
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RT @failingatmyed: no one really notices/cares about your ed unless you’re underweight or really thin..... and that’s a fact
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RT @tournesolsgogh: Ma io non chiedevo mica un viso angelico degno della Beatrice dantesca ed un talento al cui cospetto Mozart sarebbe…
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RT @scrivodizain: Lo stress mi sta massacrando mentalmente e fisicamente. Ho sempre ansia e spesso mi perdo o sono spossata ed assent…
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RT @nwfdailynews: Thank you to prolific local photographer Ed Sanders for this lovely shot of a sailboat leaving #DestinHarbor. It's…
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Ed "Red" lyrics is so emotional 😭😭😭 makes cry over and over again 😭😭😭
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RT @JamilSmith: Good riddance to John Kelly, the Adult in the Room who turned out to be just a more taciturn version of his boss. I…
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@HuffPostItalia Ed è importante sottolinearlo: Confindustria è strutturalmente leghista.
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Because "Great moments in Libtard History" is a "Closed group" I can't show you how I triggered an entire bunch of…
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RT @TheEconomist: Rome had defeated its enemies abroad but, argues Edward Watts, it was undone from within by greed and inequality
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RT @ilham_mounssif: Hey psss, vi svelo un segreto: a noi musulmani nn urta alcun #crocefisso né #presepe ed anzi nelle scuole li abbiam…
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RT @russelmatthew_: Tenerife Sea is the best Ed Sheeran song
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RT @ModiLeDubega: एक तरफ पीएम मोदी, मंत्री, संत्री, सारे भाजपा सांसद, फिर विधायक, फिर CBI, ED, IT, पुलिस 21 राज्यो की भाजपा मुख्यमं…
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woooo i got a perfect score on that final and my final for special ed
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RT @PanthersMax: Luke Kuechly forces his second fumble of the game, this time against Jarvis Landry, and once again Thomas Davis recovers.
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