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Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopper, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not…
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RT @Abd_HajYahia: *muslims drink alcohol, have premarital sex, gamble* - man do u eat pork?? them muslims:
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Gutom na me what to eat awuw
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Here's how to get lucky: 1 eat healthy 2 drink lots of water 3 be optimistic 4 be generous 5 be humble 6 say thanks
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RT @violetsinners: im such a baby and here is why: -i cry at literally everything -i nap whenever i have the chance to -i eat and eat…
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RT @GoldDustCowgirl: Wranglers to wear, pizza to eat, horses to trim. #CowbabyStuff
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RT @ariasagirl: any female born after 1993 can’t cook... all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie
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RT @_Anree: That is not a bell pepper, it’s a spicy pepper! And if you put it in the Ratatouille, it will be too spicy to eat!!…
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Come and order cakes and cupcakes oo. It shouldn’t be your birthday before you eat cake. Just eat it for sheygey reasons😬🤗
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@MikeInCambodia Yes!! But I really shouldn’t eat anymore.
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zero other countries eat veterans asses the way americans do it’s literally disgusting war is not something to be p…
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RT @Abd_HajYahia: *muslims drink alcohol, have premarital sex, gamble* - man do u eat pork?? them muslims:
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RT @SiriusXMHits1: Some of @BTS_twt’s favorite places to eat in America? Shake Shack and Halal Guys!! 😎
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"if this is on my midterm, i'm gonna EAT A COW."
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RT @ArfMeasures: [Stranded after plane crash] Me: We need to choose which one of us to eat first Him: omg this is cray cray Me: ok that was easy
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RT @smoljane: sorry but have you ever went through a really bad event in your life that caused you to cry more than twice a day,…
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RT @missscorn: i finally found the time to watch the EAT Jin vlive and towards the end Jimin says "we have over 200M hearts alread…
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Top pizza as always at Le Cochonnet in Maida Vale 👍 I featured them in my new blog post over on Heard in London as…
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先日のEAT Jinでもジミちゃんが言ってたけど、本当にあんな長男はいないよ。優しくてマンネとも全力でふざける彼が長男であることがBTSにとって本当に重要だと思う。
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RT @sophie_etc_: Love to eat and explore? 😋✈️ Follow me on Instagram for great eats and adventures in MK, Bucks and beyond! I am SO…
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