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Played "Dying light" with friends last weekend... uber stressfull experiment. #runForLife
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@mterr337 Will they suddenly stop dying if Trump is elected?
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RT @penporo_: please i am begging you come to australia i dying let me throw monEY AT YOU #PROMARE #プロメア
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@KnaveSkye Frontier was also on consoles, but the point of this is “well frontier is dying but at least I have the Iceborne demo!”
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@Tioranta I get the gist of that argument. Maybe I struggle to divorce death from how it comes about. Dying from il…
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Watching THE HANDMAID'S TALE Season 3 on Hulu and *dying* to discuss? Counting the days until the release of THE TE…
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RT @betwasharma: Every day, Sanjay Kumar ferries at least one dead child. The hardest part of his job, he says, is hearing parents c…
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RT @doctor_oxford: What kind of 'policy' cannot recognise that somebody is seriously ill & dying? Stephen Smith, weighing 6 stone, co…
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RT @AOC: We are calling these camps what they are because they fit squarely in an academic consensus and definition. Histor…
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We are all dying anyways. Keep cutting the interest rate Powell. Let us completely ball out Himalayan glaciers melt…
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@Redicnomad help i can't stop turning my crank to all the rule''s endless...i'm dying
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RT @damemagazine: You can only change the history that is unfolding in front of you if you don’t look away from it. We’re a year out…
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RT @wbgv1863: You believe the people here are too uneducated for real office work. Or some sort of high maintenance in a much lar…
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RT @perla_2435: That’s it, I’m dying my hair!!
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「あなたでもいいわ。わたしを殺してください。 お願いします。殺してください。殺して。 殺せー!!」
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Bruh I dying laughing at Yari daddy ribbing tf outta her hair
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Dying since the day I was born
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George Washington owned slaves. Martha Washington owned “dowry” slaves that George could not sell or free. The tr…
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@CDjLive And you benefited from 600,000 Union soldiers dying to free those slaves. My Grandparents came here in 191…
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