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@Just_sue_now @lackingsaint This character’s only meaningful act in the story is literally dying in the first ten m…
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RT @jeffgilchrist: Children dying from Strep throat and other immune consequences This virus season has been like no other with high…
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RT @DiedSuddenly_: 18 y/o Trisha Martin #DiedSuddenly after receiving the Pfizer 💉 Her parents didn’t know & had warned of the mRNA d…
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Ronan thought about Adam's gloves set upon his shoes in the mudroom. He thought about wanting to feel like he had b…
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RT @JorgeSa60283936: I know it has been out a while. But damn! It did not needed to hit this hard!! 🤘🏼 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II -…
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Unafraid unaware can't you see I am dying Wanna feel what is real anything is worth me trying
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RT @CaveMan1m: @MoscowTimes DYING NATION!
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RT @avhigai: いつのモノかはわかりませんが、このAV出演強要被害ゼロはある意味当然なんですよね。業界の努力もありますが、撮影件数や出演者が10年前に比べると相当減ってますので。まぁ活動家の嘘で法律が作られたのは痛恨ですが・・・
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RT @Justice4_Tigray: 15 “ Many are dying from starvation and famine. The U.S. State Department estimated in September 2021 that more tha…
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@Raimyah Remember dying is gay
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RT @thebradfordfile: Dr. Fauci lied, people died, he's still lying, and people are still dying.
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@FDACDERDirector @ASPRgov @CDCgov @NIH I just don't understand what is taking so long to approve EUA for Sabizabuli…
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there will be no greeter, shit's on a tight budget this time round. She needs to stop dying so often ffs.
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RT @PeterSweden7: You know who else seized private farms? Stalin and Mao. And it led to millions of people dying from mass starvati…
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RT @PeterSweden7: Why are young people suddenly dying from heart attacks? Why have athletes have been dropping dead on the field? W…
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RT @mehari05: Elders who played a major role in the peace agreement, fulfill your responsibilities. We are waiting for an agreeme…
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RT @theBrianaMills: I hate that people are more comfortable with millions dying from COVID than taking precautions. I hate that people…
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@papasteve303 Taking care of your dying loved one is only slightly romantic???
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Have you or someone you know ever been offered a *hot* book recommendation from a teacher or librarian? I’m Louisia…
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