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I can hardly pronounce that, let alone try to find it. Well, actually, no doubt it is around; thanks!
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RT @JaneSweetlife: @toadmeister @Quillette You are yes no doubt definitely a're one braincell must be very lonely..
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@Brexit011 Makes my blood boil, my hackles rise, and me bridle when I hear the words, “belong to” I doubt I’m alone....
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Whatever happens what an amazing season doubt everyone wrong this season with injuries and we still went out wit…
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@PrestigeIsKey @MrDalekJD @WenzelMica Well selling out is when you do something only for money that is against your…
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"How far you go in life is a choice. Never let excuses doubt or negativity slow you down. Take a chance and bec…
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violent impulses that Daenerys & Drogon displayed. No doubt Sansa the Seamstress will be an enthusiastic war crimes…
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#np Reasonable Doubt #JayZ
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@gold_lgold @NellieTat Facebook, no doubt.
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Met a snake while mowing today. I stopped, death machine still vibrating in my hands, & we shared a glance. My b…
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"New Mask Spotlight! REDEFINE is one of our most popular Regimens and I have no doubt this mask will be too. Use th…
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@thorsdragons @Nepotunius @young_chipotl3 @thronesfacts @esquire Lol he doesn't even want to rule and I doubt he wi…
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@realDonaldTrump Hmmmm... the Trump campaign issues frequent surveys, and the questions/response options are often…
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@Mellanin_Nellz Without a doubt ke apha 🙌🙌🙌🙌
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@justinamash Na. When in doubt, interpret literally. So what part of "HIGH CRIMES" and "MISDEMEANORS" don't ya get? Verbose bastard ...
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RT @KSchafheutle: @Andrew_Adonis The sheer gall of asking people to vote a pro-Brexit party into the European Parliament, just so tha…
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RT @TweeterAlliss: Without doubt the most difficult job at the #PGAChampionship this week. Majestic.
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@DawoodSafi12 There is no doubt about that. That guy needs to be held accountable and punished for his bahavior and language.
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RT @RFS_Vista: “Between doubt and your destiny is action. Between our community and the American Dream is your leadership.”…
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