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RT @LMKMovieManiac: This coming April / May, what will grab your attention more, for your dose of entertainment?
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Jusq yung tatay ko may Facebook na naman at ang daming time makipag chat sa Messenger! 😂 Makakatanggap na naman ako…
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I remember I first had thoughts and plans on going to a hospital months before I actually did but like I am now I w…
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@BBCGaryR @BBCScotlandNews - Is this the daily dose of 'too wee, too poor, too stupid Auntie?' #FBSI #FBPE…
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RT @MN315_Rijane: Awee a daily dose of sweetness. First Tweet for today #KCA #FavPinoyNewbieInigo
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RT @ONLYLOMASDURO: RT, Like, Follow & Cumment coz ya only want any part of yar body in contact with her humongouz & farty backside in…
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RT @chrisinsilico: Downside to @facebook also banning me on @instagram is missing out on my daily dose of well curated food pics and t…
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RT @aelissan: baisser la lumière augmenter la dose
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Facebook Scandal Hits Tech Stocks. Get you daily dose of global and company news here:
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RT @insanitydoll: Double dose hier pour Ophélie 🖤 merci à toi ! #tattoo #Dijon #mandala #blackart #blackandwhite
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RT @lemondefr: Dose homéopathique ou remède de cheval ? La proportionnelle est avant tout affaire de posologie... #abo
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RT @Nkosina19921554: @m_scrapbook dey we're nice dose days
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RT @miss_kris_bliss: I need to work on my follow ratio & could definitely use a dose of positivity to brighten up this negative news day…
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@NexaExperience I wanna be at #NEXAatYTFF Bcz YouTube is my daily dose and I want a huge yearly dose of it, LIVE.…
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@DjMeek_Rj @Manojotta22 Tenho q apelar pros amigos djs lá não sei da onde por q os aqui da área não pagam nem um dose de 51 kk
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RT @nextdoornurs3: Get your daily dose 💉
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Coração receitou de 8 em 8 horas, uma dose de anti-amor já tomei, funcionou eu sou paciente, coração é meu doutor. 🎤
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RT @Raunkan: A good laugh is sunshine in a house! @sargun_mehta Stay tuned, for a daily dose of candid's📸
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RT @DrEricLevi: Scalpel and drugs without education is like arrows without a bow. You need to package your treatment with a healt…
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RT @GodsPlanet_: @Khanya_M3 How do you say morning in all the boring ways 😂😂😂 I'm not about that mofo press dose buttons no ones pre…
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