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RT @JoelOsteen: If you don’t keep your mind moving forward, you’ll become what happened to you instead of becoming what you were created to be.
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@_daynawayna You don't have to tell us how it cracked. Just let us fix it for you. You won'…
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RT @LucasBryner3: 6 months from now, everything you're stressing about won't mean a thing. Be thankful, smile more, spend more time w…
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RT @WayneDupreeShow: Letterman Stews — I Don't Like Trump As Our President He thinks he's still relevant!
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RT @thomascmurray: EDUCATORS: TITLES don’t make leaders. ACTIONS do. Some of the greatest SCHOOL LEADERS are those teaching in classro…
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【無理しないで】 Take it easy 気楽にね Don’t overdo it 無理しないで Don't push yourself 自分を追い込まないで I know you're trying to do your best がんばってるって知ってるから
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RT @TomAllnuttAFP: Zidane on Bale: "Honestly, I don't know what will happen. Recently I have gone with other players, which is clear.…
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@TheQuartering Now there will be. You know how the internet works. Don't complain.
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RT @tonyposnanski: @realDonaldTrump And don’t forget that the President is a criminal and women’s rights are being taken away.
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@JHSMEETSEVlL the whole section pretty much stayed seated but then during the middle we started standing, just don’…
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RT @whymoose_: when you touch your pocket and don’t feel your phone
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RT @AriTheDon: If you don’t contribute to my peace and happiness I will cut you off, no matter how much I love you. I do not like drama and negativity.
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RT @TomKibasi: CUK encapsulates the uphill battle any 2nd referendum will face. Wages have stagnated for a decade; life expectan…
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RT @ThatMumboJumbo: Hey @TeamYouTube , @YouTube A company is systematically copyright claiming every video I have ever made, despite…
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RT @2019_predicts: Why Don’t We will announce and release a new album!
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RT @BeautyChickee: hello @AmericanAir I have been waiting back for a call from you guys for over 3 hours now. this is ridiculous. I wa…
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@lalisacabelIo wtf i’m so jealous 😔 you don’t deserve it
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RT @ronahnkish: Kampala has fine men aye😭 We don’t even appreciate them half as much as we should 🔥
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Don’t call me selfish, I ain’t sharing
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And when Nakai-san came out and did a cool half wave, the entire dome waved back at him making the waves he had got…
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