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RT @bingregory: If you want to herd water buffalo, Don't separate the Anatolian breed; We already live in an archipelago, Too man…
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RT @360IE: Don’t forget the AutoInstruct sale. If you’re in...
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@JessieVanAelst @oaashy So what's the problem ? If you genuinely don't feel welcome then why stay, is it because t…
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RT @ThisInspiresUs: You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life you are excited about. Don't let others make you forget that.
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RT @MichelleGr4h4m: @NicolaSturgeon Don’t think there’s another leader in the UK with humour like yours Nicola, a true Scot 😁😁👌
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RT @Elixeon: Songs ARMYs told BTS they would like to hear in concert: Sea Young Forever Ddaeng Love Maze Come back home Let Go…
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@AdmiralPiplup @badartforrecess I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THAT
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RT @omgrichelle: do u ever just wanna say something but u don’t know how say it???? like??? you know it but u don’t know how to put it in words??? same
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RT @bvvtile: Putting a peg on your drink so you don’t hang the next day. Iconic.
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Calling hoping they don’t pick.
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RT @SabrinaM2812: You actually have so many things that you don't like about your partner, but those are the things you choose to tol…
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don't act clean, you're dirtier than loisa. #RespectLoisa
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Kids don't get your legs broken, okay! It's painful and not nice
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Don't forget to find your own style
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RT @pam_brundige: If you don’t fight for anything else, fight for the 1000s of kidnapped kids who’ve been living like caged animals f…
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RT @StokedDaily: "If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of." - Bruce Lee
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RT @melissabroder: let’s pretend i don’t care what people think of me
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RT @CarolineLucas: After nearly a decade of Conservative rule, the UK is set to miss almost every target for protecting nature and wil…
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@MarcherLord1 Brighton: a place for second-rate gays who can’t hack it in London and sad straight people who think…
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@SubmissionRoom Name and Shame! We don't need people like this. The ladies work are enuff as it's without having there time wasted.
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