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RT @__HaileyFulk: I can’t believe i’ll have to become a middle aged white woman some day it just doesn’t seem like something I would do
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RT @daniwolfeee: My husband doesn’t believe that it’s bad for your hair to wash it everyday & that I’m fcking weird for skipping a d…
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RT @wiIIiamandrew: just cause I address it doesn’t mean im tryna argue. i’m communicating.
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@NZBuc @NZ_hoops Apparently he wants NZ basketball to guarantee any money he brings to NZ Basketball doesn’t go to…
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RT @Maryamhasnaa: Your private life is sacred. Only share the parts that are meant to be shared. This doesn’t mean you are trying hi…
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Only got 1 vote but here’s what I think: No, not everything happens for a reason. Some things do, but other things…
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RT @Maryamhasnaa: Your private life is sacred. Only share the parts that are meant to be shared. This doesn’t mean you are trying hi…
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RT @reinuuuuuh: Nobody deserves that. Our country doesn't deserve that. ☹️
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@SpewingMews It's cause peach doesn't have sweet abs.
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RT @Robert4787: "Katie Jones" doesn't exist and is an example of foreign spies using fake #LinkedIn profiles to home in on American…
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RT @SJSchauer: I’m the most depressed I’ve ever been but what can ya do? Take medication, see a therapist, hangout with friends? Y…
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@meanvalakutgirl It doesn't play Valakut.
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RT @Fact: Just because a person doesn't talk about their problems doesn't mean they don't have any.
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@oneandonlymr0 @novenator @djrothkopf @ewarren She doesn't give a damn about Palestinians or US war crimes so...nah.
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26) You basically only have to call her a chicken to get her to anything. 27) The rich are hoarders, th…
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He went from Bannon doesn’t know anything about it, to maybe he knew about it, within 1 minute. #Trump30Hours
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RT @ABC: Pres. Trump says he doesn’t see the number of judges he’s appointed as the most lasting impact of his presidency, c…
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RT @ChaseRiceMusic: Happy Father’s Day dad. Miss him every day, but doesn’t change the fact that he never missed a game, and I’m pretty…
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Just because it is normal in your area doesn’t mean it’s okay to use racial slurs regardless of context. By your…
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Till today I'm still a bit sceptical about Asian Cup expansion. In fact some teams doesn't deserve to be there. But…
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