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RT @SandyHorne61: Master of disguise. Just one tawny frogmouth (in the rain) in the usual spot at Anstey Hill today. Look at how well…
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Really hope a list of all the people going to FFA is complied cause I wish to block all of them. From what I've alr…
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RT @idward_j_b22: Your worst day could be a blessing in disguise. DAZZLING EDWARD OnASAP #EdwardBarber @Barber_Edward_
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@sushantsareen Unruly elements are going over board in disguise of their right of freedom of expression. Either ri…
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@jtlightbody @MsDayglo @msbarethings @DrJessTaylor You’re proof that modern-day feminism is just misandry in a tren…
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I'm going to be a Master of Disguise once more in order to steal rare treasures from around the world.
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@AitzazAhsanP Regime change, in fact , proved to be a blessing in disguise for Khan Saheb! Now more people CHERISH HIM AS A LEADER!
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@SilveradoTd @rfmoore1314 TYfeel the same way and it bothers me to no end what is happening to our country.…
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RT @zionthedinosaur: a jaywon au wherein dion yang (yjw) was tasked to spy on mr. park, one of the suspects that is involved in a smugg…
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RT @natpgart: let's give emmet a zoroark to disguise as his twin brother, surely nothing will go wrong ^__^ #submas
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@Natesfault @LissaJoStewart My husband and I came to the conclusion that the hooded cloak must be the space equival…
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RT @djjsworld: A symbol of #Purity and holiness, A guiding light in disguise, Eternally flowing from the heaven, #GANGA is not jus…
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RT @parkslaywon: i think a lot of people are mad about red sun simply being.. GOOD and disguise it as being mad cause it was written for gfriend
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@EarthToGazelle 😮‍💨 the way I'm learning this. I have to actively ask my self now, is there a good reason or is it fear im disguise?
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RT @EricRWeinstein: It’s important not to say this if you’re goal is to disguise class warfare as technocratic patriotism. What is this…
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a curse in graceful disguise
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@ImranRiazKhan She is trying to put down Shahbaz shirf in disguise of loyalty with both uncle and cousin brother
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RT @cosmic4ever: Overthinking is fear of failure in disguise.
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RT @bigpapachuck73: No one asked or cares, but here's my 10 favorite Bruce Springsteen songs, in order: Born To Run Cover Me Atlantic…
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@mongoliciouss @sandi08986257 By the looks of her I’d consider it a blessing in disguise if I was you !
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