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i feel like i missed sm just in the span of few hours what's next suju disbandment
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being reminded of the 2NE1 disbandment all over again... the only difference is 2NE1's was sudden, and BB is breaki…
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RT @babibangs: I always have this feeling that they won't announce disbandment & just be inactive like 1TYM..we're in our 7th year…
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seriously the best disbandment song ever like woah
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I've been thinking the whole day that BonVoyage was probably written as a farewell song in case the members didn't…
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Disbandment is coming for #that group and we smile 😊
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Don’t be too mean to them yall, as a reveluv they’re going through a lot rn with the tiny venues, no promo, disband…
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"Advocacy group accuses govt troops of killing civilians; shots fired in Kombolcha." #WarOnAmhara…
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RT @minsuga11011: These words likely echoed during the early days when they faced the imminent threat of disbandment. They endured ha…
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@flowermin02 too bad their disbandment party is happening soon. i’ll save me a heartbreak
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still life was pure disbandment vibes tbf
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blinks on that popbase tweet oh theres a karma for yall soon. l1sa should depart from that group or maybe an immine…
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i'll post a pic of me crying on zb1 disbandment day and thats it i wanna be the mysterious moot that none of you know anything about
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@NickNelblink @touringdata @BLACKPINK Lmao talking about twink wheb blackpork fans ia full of ugly twinks that thin…
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BIGBANG really went the 1TYM route. No official disbandment, just an indefinite hiatus with members eventually leav…
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@HurrairaJamal @PaoPaoPawikan BIGBANG is still under YGE and there was no announcement about it. Neither about disb…
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RT @yongheedeer: I know that this mv is about w1 disbandment but let me squeeze it into yongbae tragic saga to make y'all feel even sadder :")
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It takes two members to announce for disbandment
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@ArleneFosterUK It's Unionism who need to do some soul searching, correct me if I'm wrong, but not one of their le…
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