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my brain stormed so hard ! it was like a brain hurricane. my brain is a natural disaster.
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I know a lot of urbanists think Japan has really figured out Good Housing Policy; maybe they have, I have never bee…
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@ana_inspire Так, згодзен
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@BarcaUniversal A disaster in the making
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RT @differentstar__: Disaster acharya meeda oka article veyra Ma owner meeda memu veyyalem sir
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@aridqntes I mwan it kind of irks me but just put the disaster bi flag on it or something
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RT @official_dgar: ASSAM RIFLES ACTIVATED FOR DISASTER RELIEF Haflong Battalion of #AssamRifles, on 14 May, rescued and evacuated civi…
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RT @Chandan_radoo: Disaster talk nduku spread chesama ani aa batch edisela chestunadu babu 🙏🏻😂🔥 #SarkaruVaariPaata
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RT @TFIMovieBuzz: Strict Orders from Mega Compound to websites, Disaster/Negative reports film #SarkaruVaariPaata should not cross t…
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@samjfranco Let's not forget Trae did some magical things in the playoffs last year. Also, there's a lot of assumpt…
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RT @RomancingNope: This plan by Texas Republicans will result in more natural disaster deaths disproportionately in low-income Black a…
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RT @ArmedwScience: May is #AAPIHeritageMonth and today, we remember the first Asian-American in space, Ellison S. Onizuka. The former…
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Reports are that smoke was seen emanating from the ceiling and as such, an alarm was raised.
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RT @ByronYork: 'Build Back Better' was real. You can look it up. Passed House at $2.2 trillion. Top Dem priority; many wanted to m…
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RT @ArmedwScience: May is #AAPIHeritageMonth and today, we remember the first Asian-American in space, Ellison S. Onizuka. The former…
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وخلاصة التجارب كلها في الحب أنك لا تحب 义无勇为十 līīlكَوًدِlīlخَصِمīīl ـــOMG1ـــ lسيفئl ــــFF40ــ lهآئ…
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RT @ZG1999_: March 2023: “How can Robert Lewandowski prevent his career ending in disaster? A five point plan to rescue the aili…
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@plants_disaster да, там просто невероятные люди, это больше чем подвиг. надеюсь, что они выстоят и их спасут. хочется верить в чудо!
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@ChelseaHillier6 @TA38720548 Until people understand this fundamental, nothing changes. NOTHING!!! Harris was one o…
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