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RT @taeilmain: taeil probably sang more predebut than in SM... that company got their dirty hands on some Real Talent just to squander it
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@Questio51452872 @Anc_Aesthetics @catturd2 Honestly, all your propaganda goes to show how dirty the dnc has been. E…
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RT @amerix: Men, Run away from party girls, They have deep-rooted trauma that will mess up with your life. They have dirty s…
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RT @IamBrookJackson: “We’re the Dirty Little Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About”
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@antescrow Chickens will die in dirty conditions unlike pigs that will eat they on feces not to mention the sores o…
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@NYT_first_said "…who referred to the dirty cloud above them as gravoris caeli (“heavy heaven”) and infamis aer (wh…
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@GeorgeD1954 @vancemurphy @EdKrassen @TuckerCarlson have gotten as much as they can squeeze out of American and als…
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@NYT_first_said "… been a problem for ancient Romans, who referred to the dirty cloud above them as gravoris caeli…
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“ I think girls is cute but I’m not gay “ ok good cause we think you ran down and dirty so we wasn’t gone fw you anyways
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RT @An0nAKn0wledge: In 1992, Aviation Week & Space Technology obtained a leak from rogue scientists & engineers who worked in the black…
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@DrKippDavis And you have the clear tendency to belittle anyone who disagrees with you from the jump. Ehrman WAS a…
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@TG22110 Did he ever wonder if he'd stayed out of politics and the WH, the Teflon might still be covering him for h…
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Now playing Uncle Murda - Justin Laboy Page (Dirty) on Street Style Radio
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@_tina_dirty_ What’s her name
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RT @witton_liz: @jemmasplace AWW how good is that .Chippy better not fold under NACTS pressure and sack him . The whole thing is a…
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RT @KidCheat97: KIYAN IS GOOD KIYAN IS FINE. There’s no any smell and dirty of the polaroid🤣🤣🤣 #srchafreen #beckysangels…
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@AmaChisholm @naomirwolf I am in Pembroke, ON. June 5/ 23 Mon. morning about 7am the sky was an intense green/yello…
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