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RT @leonbeddings: its bedsheet o'clock people..all dos customers that does not like washing or something that gets dirty fast...bette…
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@AnanthanRa @OpIndia_com Ok so you mean to say if she defames the job or publicly confesses the job is dirty or my…
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@AMADICHIMA PDP is the problem of PDP simple. So many agents in that party. Those that claimed to be pdp to the cor…
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RT @VANCOUMARK: This is for SM you big fat nasty smelling fat bitch why you took winwin off the motherfucking schedule with your tr…
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RT @therawdeeya: Some of us with pimples are not dirty. Acne is just unfortunate.
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RT @Goddesskay10: Doing #teamviewer sessions £50 via cash app,google pay Let me see how much of a dirty…
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@sobia_samir @SHABAZGIL Ye phir ziyadti huwi na esa bolo gay tu dirty reply milain gay its unfair
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RT @PrisonPlanet: "While Shapiro finds Trump supporters "vile" and "disgusting" for chanting "send her back," he himself openly advoc…
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RT @1RealJoeyB: IS LA FAMILIA BY JOEY B FT. @KwesiArthur_ & @sarkodie ON YOUR PLAYLIST YET!??
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I hate my nails being dirty
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RT @1RealJoeyB: ok, myself, @sarkodie and @KwesiArthur_ will shoot a video for #LaFamilia today by popular demand. any ideas? 🤔 lis…
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RT @asukatwt: us: bi lesbians do not exist you cannot be attracted to men and call yourself a lesbian twitter users scraped fro…
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@soundcube @BeffernieBlack Without Brexit they would have died in the next few years. Clegg now shilling for Fac…
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RT @1RealJoeyB: ok, myself, @sarkodie and @KwesiArthur_ will shoot a video for #LaFamilia today by popular demand. any ideas? 🤔 lis…
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@RCorbettMEP Dirty money is paying them to promote Brexit, its not just ignorance.
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RT @x1txts: yohan: if you drop a bar of soap on the ground is the floor clean or is the soap dirty? seungwoo: i will pay you to shut the fck up
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@ArchaicNonsense @PeteNorth303 Don the Marigolds, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Also the housework.
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RT @wilfredchan: 2. Yuen Long: White-shirted thugs beat up citizens in the Yuen Long MTR West Rail station. Upon seeing it, on-duty…
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RT @iiiskh: Be romantic and dirty with me only
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I was starting to like Seto Kaiba, but not anymore. Dirty rotten cheater, what a sore loser.
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