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@Ledabelle @TheyCallMeDaymz You carefully chose to ignore where he says this project didn’t have a heart or inspira…
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Danny and Tommy asking Curtis how’s the relationship!! Hinting they couldn’t be with someone they didn’t really lik…
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RT @DyMayssae: Residency is a complementary training.Public residency is for public students and private residency (claim one) is…
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RT @nategemz: Didn’t Pusha bully you into being a dad last year? Cool song tho.
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RT @_RayReddington_: They didn’t get it, when we said Winnie will live on and multiply, they really didn’t get it. This is the beginning…
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RT @BerbyBen: I didn’t think grad nite was gonna be THIS AMAZING
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RT @itsJeffTiedrich: a brief history of collusion: 1. NO COLLUSION! 2. maybe there was but I didn't know about it 3. maybe I knew but so…
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@charlotte @poppy But you didn't get Poppy's permission first, that's a shitty thing to do to someone. We see a lot…
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I didn't miss this anxiety like seriously not
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Before, I was selfish, and I didn't care about you
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So glad @caseydband didn’t die in Cobo this last week because I’m ready to party with them next Saturday 🤪 #cains
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@MrCee760 @_2lite Yeah I used niacin when I was on probation and I passed just fine lol maybe she didn’t take enough?
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RT @Sir_ejes: This MTN SIM card brouhaha best explains women to you. I have seen it all today. Airtel own 3 months back na woman…
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@realDonaldTrump Too bad he didn’t want you there. Oh yeah, because you are an asshole! #TrumpResignNow…
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@lobodude03 I can’t either man. Especially when you’re putting that on somebody else. Not my job to pick up after y…
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@warofyoonmin @jjamjoon though he didn't apologize, he shows his appreciation for the culture instead. I think peop…
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RT @MendesCrewInfo: Fan: "Did you realize that the last three songs on SM3 are connected?" Shawn: "I didn't, that's 'cause it's just m…
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RT @OnlyNakedTruth: Today's thread. What connects India's 1st conquerer of South Pole, Paramjit Sehra from Punjab who didn't have any…
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@Broken_Nano @KurdishMandingo @BigJigglyPanda I didn't make it, though I wish I did! Please, save it!
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@pjmboop you lost ebg didn’t you
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