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RT @nousaerons: The scope and intent of this document is to provide guidance to Owners, Operators, Designers, and Professional Serv…
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RT @BrickFanatics: We’re putting the design team behind LEGO Icons 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell to the test with some trivia…
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RT @_vargaalex: 14 FREE Icon libraries for Designers ✅🔥 css .gg icons8 .com freepik .com flaticon .com ionicons .com heroicons…
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RT @EmpteezyConnect: This fabulous bespoke IBC unit is currently on its way to one of our customers. Whether you are looking for a besp…
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RT @rajgokal: 🚨 designers and frontend engineers 🚨 if you want to work on a 🔥 NFT project with legendary artists, musicians, and…
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RT @rowancheung: 3D designers are going to love this. This is ChatGPT for Unity. & It’s available for everyone to try👇
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RT @thekingsmanUG: #NorthernUgFashionWeek will be going down from the 22nd-25th March 2023 @TheVillageUG and will be crowned with a gr…
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サークル「海洋深層水」様の同人誌の装丁デザインを制作させていただきました。 portfolio: #同人誌デザイン #同人誌の装丁デザイン
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Hey Designers! I am looking for a graphic designer for a gaming logo for my channel. DMS are open #needlogo…
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RT @sshergil190: To all the Sikhs who are talented artists, graphic designers, tech savy folks, etc., please use your creativity to…
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RT @Nugayhiga1: If you want the best designers we’re in Nigeria.
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@haxzie_ That's exactly what this product is supposed to do. Kill redundancy. While I know what you focused on or t…
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RT @asadowaisi: These people are definitely your “designers” @Dev_Fadnavis, how about an FIR? Maharashtra’s peace is being threaten…
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RT @Darasoba: 👀 Attention all self-taught UI/UX designers! If you want to level up your skills from rookie to intermediate, keep…
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RT @AiGigachad: Goodbye website designers. This new tool is ChatGPT for UI design. & It’s all editable in Figma. 👇
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Who are the best product designers you know in Web3/crypto?
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RT @baalsexual: hyv designers love doing this to their women, i can tell
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@ricburton Graphic designers 13%?? The designers were the first ones to kill off, even before the AI craze started.
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رسمي لشخصية الرجل والمرأة السعودية مع التقدم بالعمر 🥰😍 #motiondesign #illustraion #designers #كاركتر #رسم_موشن…
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RT @rowancheung: 3D designers are going to love this. This is ChatGPT for Unity. & It’s available for everyone to try👇
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