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@jameschernoff @GOP What in the world makes you believe all those things you’ve listed are actually true? I DO NOT!…
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RT @Cernovich: Shitlib “reporter” admits that platform manipulation is the only way for Democrats to win elections. Not news to us…
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RT @notcapnamerica: This is exactly how Republicans approach politics. While Democrats hem and haw about not voting for our candidates…
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RT @FoxNews: .@JesseBWatters : Democrats view illegal migrants as servants
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RT @brianbeutler: Please, Democrats, don’t just hope that this realization will occur to millions of people automatically. Smash that…
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RT @BrandiKruse: OPINION: Voters should be wary of Democrats who only recently changed course on public safety – especially in the l…
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@TheDemocrats Yeah, it's a pity Democrats spend most of their time triangulating, fundraising and grabbing for for…
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RT @PattieWalker4: Democrat @FeverRunoff is here to help the Democrats win! Let's keep building that big blue wave! 💧💦🌊
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RT @FoxNews: Marc Thiessen: It's a 'dirty little secret' Democrats want high gas prices to 'get us to give up fossil fuels'
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@realJeffDoerr @Tim_Walz @nellep67 Did and most of us are democrats voting republican for the first time have to ad…
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RT @DickesonKathy: Raise your hand if you think the Democrats are evil.🙋‍♀️
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RT @NickAdamsinUSA: The Democrats always revert back to their racist ways when a Black Republican runs for office.
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@pmb501 @evamckend @billscher Personally, I prefer my democrats not acting like republicans. It's sort of of what makes them democrats.
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@VP Kling babies the only plank in the democrats campaign. What about the open border, increased inflation, out…
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RT @tedcruz: Democrats destroy everything.
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RT @realchasegeiser: We need to stop calling democrats liberal. Nothing about their platform is liberal or liberty oriented anymore. Th…
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RT @FoxNews: WAKE-UP CALL: The far-left congresswoman objects to plan for 'tent city' housing migrants in her NYC district.…
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@LorenzoTheCat @ericswalwell @GOPLeader Give us back the booming economy we had before the Democrats destroyed it...
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With the money Democrats are giving Ukraine, Zelensky could afford to buy his Mother a 8 Million dollar Villa w/3 p…
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