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@AmyMek Well, lets just deliver those "immigrants" to the countries that think immigration is a human right. Let those countries take them.
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@catpixplease Please deliver.
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RT @boopyukhei: can you believe nct can sing any genre and deliver it,,, SO well? like there's not one genre they've tried so far t…
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RT @INCIndia: CM KCR had promised one job per family. Did he deliver?: Congress President @RahulGandhi
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RT @nayutle: nct can take on any genre and deliver.... consistently
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It is so annoying to see this person under every sm tweet. Yes, not nct related posts too. Ten does not deserve thi…
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RT @nayutle: nct can take on any genre and deliver.... consistently
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Widespread Panic Deliver Bust Outs At 1st of 3 In Milwaukee,
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RT @AjitPaiFCC: After closing up for the night, teenage manager of Michigan pizza joint drives to Indiana and back—7 hours total—to…
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RT @PTT4579: Reem Ibrahim, 22, was transporting ONE MILLION LETHAL DOSES OF FENTANYL in her checked luggage while flying from Ph…
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RT @SAPforBanking: The Future is Now! #Connectivity is driving every aspect of our lives - banks are no exception - they must seamless…
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RT @BashirMohamed: Overheard somebody complain about the $15 minimum wage by saying that it'll spoil kids since most of them work "eas…
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RT @iamhamzaabbasi: 60 din ho gaye PTI GOVT ko aur Pakistan abhee takk theek nahi howa...IMRAN KHAN fail ho gaya. LOL My beloved fellow…
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RT @MrDanZak: The whole episode is worth digesting. Below, a key excerpt. (After Trump won the election in 2016, Shinzo Abe's gov…
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RT @milkstrology: 🍵 Aquarius | It may take them a little bit longer than most people to drown you in corny sentiments and grand displ…
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RT @iamhollywoodshe: BAY AREA/LA MODELS: DO NOT work with this photographer. He targets women on Instagram offering photoshoot deals and…
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We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God, despise not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us always…
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An 18-year-old drove over 200 miles to deliver a pizza to a man in hospice care
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RT @CaccamoPaul: Time for some change @LakeheadSchools. I believe Sue Doughty-Smith, Marg Arnone, Cheri Lappage, Ryan Sitch and Rya…
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RT @AuntyAdah: May God deliver you from relationships and friendships that are time wasting.
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