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RT @MTimaya_: Found out I was having twins 5 months into my graduate program. The director told me to quit because it was going t…
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Current temp from Aurora: 71.0 degrees F (2.85) 22:08:35
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Leadville, I am here. And I love your 48 degrees.
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@BiggaNasrani The immigrant vote actually doesn't vary much from that of native-born Canadians, interestingly! Gra…
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It was 100 degrees outside bitches wore the same outfit from brunch to the club aint take nare bit of shower . U hate to see it
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RT @ThomasSowell: There have always been ignorant people, but they haven't always had college degrees to make them unaware of their i…
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I have spent a month searching my house for an object with varying degrees of effort. My house has been turned upsi…
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It's 30 degrees cooler right now in San Francisco than NYC.
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Yea Italians are free from prejudice.. it’s happened to all of us in varying degrees..
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RT @ArtiKum51454609: @degrees_94 @Aeridaes65 @weareoneEXO Kai tatioed his password in his chest so he will not forget his password in fu…
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RT @gregkot: 6:45 pm start for Stereolab, 30 minutes late, but sound is great, the sun is out and it’s 20 degrees cooler than wh…
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The city is burning down! Currently it's 35 degrees and Partly Cloudy outside
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RT @desusnice: Nyc is like 100 degrees right now and the mta is garbage but it still beats being part of “$600 mortgage for 5 bedr…
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RT @desusnice: Nyc is like 100 degrees right now and the mta is garbage but it still beats being part of “$600 mortgage for 5 bedr…
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RT @DJGARYNH: The Pool water is 88 Degrees today. Pup wanted to go for a swim in the heat. 😎👍
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The temp dropped 15 degrees after a thunderstorm today. Omg !!!! How can it be ? What will we do ? It's called summ…
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It's only 83 degrees in #StLouis at 11 p.m. Dangerous conditions. Homes may still be in the high 90s. Please get into A.C. somehow. #stlwx
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RT @incorrrectx1: Wooseok, pointing to a Right angle: This mean's it's 90 degrees Hyeongjun: How can it be 90 degrees it's winter W…
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@CriminelleLaw @legallybitchy There's someone out there that is going to complain it's "cold" when it gets to 68 de…
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RT @LinBrehmer: I’ll say this for pink hat guy at Wrigley. I’ve seen him when it’s 38 degrees and when it’s 100 degrees. Dude shows up.
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