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@DennisLittle19 @BigSamJones54 @danpompei @KirkCousins8 His only playoff game your defense gave up 30+ points but I…
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@thegsatgaming Lol well in Vince's defense reigns family has been making him hella rich for decades
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RT @LaurenWern: More: Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in our election has implicated members of the Trump circle.…
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Always go back to the basics... Batting lesson...See the ball, hit the ball Defense lesson...See the ball, go catch the ball & get rid of it
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RT @shannonrwatts: The @NRA has yet to weigh in on the case of Bresha Meadows, a Black girl jailed at 14 after she shot her abusive fa…
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RT @ricsl1600: A tree never hits an automobile except in self-defense. - American proverb #ALDUB3Years Celebrate3yrs withADN
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RT @patbev21: Can’t believe ref called foul!! Solid defense!!! 🤦‍♂️
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RT @MoyenAgeReac: Quand t'as réussi à passer la défense Belge et que tu fais la passe à Giroud pour finir le travail
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RT @mitchellvii: Um. Regarding the "Moron Defense," perhaps you need to invoke that yourself as the Mueller Indictment of these Russ…
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RT @BleacherNation: Javy Baez is now hitting .292/.327/.563 with a 132 wRC+. His 68 RBI are third highest in the NL. And he, you know…
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@redo_summer 1. the metrics of which many players are judged is aggro-centric, discouraging newer support/objective…
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RT @patbev21: Can’t believe ref called foul!! Solid defense!!! 🤦‍♂️
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RT @NBCSAuthentic: Wouldn’t want to play defense against this group 😳🔥
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RT @funder: BREAKING: Trump called the entire European Union America’s greatest foe. Exactly what a traitor would say about our…
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@brit__64 I knooo. Such a lapse in judgment. In my defense, I was called to do a double when I got into work so.....
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RT @tariqnasheed: An innocent Black man was racially harassed by a group of suspected white supremacists. He ended up stabbing one of…
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RT @krassenstein: To all the Benghazi, "But... but...but her emails" and Pizza Gate Republicans out there. TAKE NOTE: Hillary Clint…
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RT @Pitipou59: Parole d'un ami militaire ce matin : «Le #Defile14Juillet c'est de la vitrine, c'est de la merde. Ils nous mettent…
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RT @wesleysnipes: Self Defense Class 😂😂😂😂
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RT @TeaPainUSA: Maybe Rand will try the “everybody speeds, officer” defense next time he gets pulled over.
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