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People these days use their butts not their brains.
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RT @simonahac: 🤓 wow — the last 24 hours in SA has been 80% renewable. (we'll see this on the majority of days well within a deca…
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RT @btsvotingteam: We we’re fighting and protecting our spot since Day 1 and now we’re down to last 2 days of voting. Please know that…
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RT @SteveScalise: Rather than focus on the issues that affect the American people, Democrats & their allies in the media have chosen…
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RT @ICIFAKENYA: Two days to go. Registered yet?
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5 more days left to this gig and I am looking forward to seeing you all, very interesting line up of Jazz, Blues, R…
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Best Kidney hospital in India for kidney care. Safe & Effective Get Result In Few Days. Avail Best Doctors 24/7. Fi…
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RT @iHeartRadio: Counting down the days/hours/minutes until @BTS_twt's new album 💫
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I hope you see this one of these days 🙏
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RT @yyseob90: Mau coba 30 Days Couple Challenge lagi ah 😳
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@TejasGovilkar In case of fully waitlisted ticket after charting, cancellation will be executed by the system autom…
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"Sometimes I feel that these verses can help a person way more than the ones they reading in churches on days of worship"- @JColeNC
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Kepler-1358 b is transiting now 1820 ly away in Lyra. It's 1.1x larger than Earth and transits again in 7.1 days.
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Today is my Monday, hump-day & Friday at work ... I'm in work today then have the next 4 days off ... Not quite sur…
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@rapplerdotcom Colmenares: It is not true that there were no cases filed and won against the plunder of the Marcose…
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I wish everyone a wonderful day (even if it’s monday). after 10 days of holidays I‘m returning to work 😭 so I had t…
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18 days till comeback, two days later game of thrones and two weeks after that endgame... someone please tell me how tf i survive april
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Are you the boss? Get your employees on board with being fit and healthy and give an incentive. Healthy employees = Less sick days.
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RT @AaliyahJay: My toxic trait: thinking everyone has a hidden agenda and out to get me... I really be questioning everyone & every…
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These days I don't talk bout them days like I miss em, and you shouldn't miss em either, we different people💯
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