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I’m too real for these sassy ass niggas that swear they Real Niggas these days ‼️‼️
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RT @___Moriah: If the man ain’t making me wanna just love on him, I’m cool!! My days of being stressed and heart falling out my ch…
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RT @wsmcart: ꒰ #iyah_sale | wts lfb ꒱ svt papels .ᐟ 𓏳 payo / 3 days reservation 𓏳 can tingi ( prio 2+ pcs taker ) 𓏳 prices sti…
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RT @skzlist: .@Stray_Kids have now surpassed 600,000,000 (600 MILLION) streams on Spotify in 2022 alone [142 days]! 🖇️…
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RT @TheRickWilson: 3/ This is like .05 Benghazis. "Six hearings as we can be done! Yay!" Come ON people. This is the big one. You kn…
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@PhillipTherrie1 Just turned 70 two days ago and I'm still waiting.
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Loving these warm days ☀️ complete with a nutritious snack. Here's to #MoreWholeDays!
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RT @_Reading_Rocks_: Looking forward to two days of school visits with @annabelwriter next week!!!!! Very exciting!!!
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RT @smooyacs: Post #PGLMajor Giveaway🥰 (Huntsman Knife) - Like and retweet⬅️ - Follow @smooyacs - Follow @ThomasCS__ Rolling…
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We need you!! We have fallen a little behind, but we have 8 more days left of voting, so its not too late. AND you…
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RT @maykamaykaba: I don’t think people realize how much strength it really takes to be kind to yourself especially on days you feel l…
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RT @chica_sexc: I be like “idc” then not eat for days
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RT @Shavnit_sidhu: Whenever you have a quiet moment today, know that I’m thinking of you and hoping your birthday is the happiest of d…
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RT @sophieafloat: @scottsantens Remember the days when vaccines weren’t experimental injections which have killed and maimed tens of…
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RT @wyntermitchell: Dear Diary, The 6th and final week of the Days of Johnny and Amber’s lives are upon us and narrowly avoiding the…
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200 days and counting, you’re my favorite still 🖤
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mood for the last few days be like my pronouns are he but not him bc ill never be him
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RT @LilPKLE: PKLE X HENNY $100 GIVEAWAY. 💠Follow @henny_ent 💠Retweet 💠Tag 1 friend Rolling in 5 days. ⏳ Good luck 👊
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RT @lindyli: 4 days ago, all but ONE Republican voted AGAINST the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act This weekend Orban called f…
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RT @CryptoDefiGems: $150 to 3 people in 7 days! Simply retweet and be following me! Good Luck!
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