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101 days until #issotl18 in Bergen!!! Are you as excited as we are?
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RT @sttepodcast: Day seven of our twenty days of Funko is this Incredibles 2 Funko POP Just follow @sttepodcast and RT this tweet t…
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RT @ChinookDisplay: The sun sets on #RIAT2018. What an end to the @airtattoo with the @ChinookDisplay and @RAFTyphoonTeam closing the s…
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Remember the days when good news was centered & celebrated for a decent amount of time? Now it seems like 2hrs tops…
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RT @_NotFakeNews_: The President of The United States just called the media (all media) the enemy of state, called the European Union…
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RT @ReshminTV: Lights out on an amazing summer! Just 2 days off in 33! Such fun to host our daily World Cup show @yahoosportuk, a…
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RT @ArmyBrigade13: These 7 boys are the reason we (ARMY) exist Let’s remember that as we go about our days Let’s pass on the Love t…
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RT @innercitypress: You're right- UNSG @AntonioGuterres' spokesmen got more & more evasive when Inner City Press asked about #Cameroon…
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RT @SpiritHalloween: Only 108 days until #Halloween!
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RT @MollyJongFast: Woke Trey Gowdy is confusing me because two days ago he was fellating Donald J Trump.
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Most days you all see the positive side of me, which I try to be as much as possible! But there are days that hit m…
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RT @krassenstein: 3 days ago 12 Russians, tied directly to Putin, were indicted for attacking America. 5 hours ago our President Co…
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@SethMcCausland give it like 3 days, they'll move on to something else. this is the first time i've ever replied to…
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RT @xoJimine: 🌼GIVEAWAY🌼 15th BTS Love Yourself 轉 'Tear' Album giveaway (Ver. O) & a BT21 sticker photocard Rules to enter: •Ret…
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just one of those days
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RT @iamhamzaabbasi: Just a polite reminder: 10 days to go till Wazir e Azam Pakistan Imran Khan.
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Kids these days
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9 books in 3 days, *sigh* what am i supposed to do now? That was supposed to last me way longer
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RT @Laura88Lee: Everytime I buy fruit it goes bad in like 2 days now how am I supposed to eat healthy when a bag of hot Cheetos last forever.
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