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RT @KaivanShroff: It took the White House 22 days to acknowledge Waffle House hero James Shaw, who stopped a shooter, unarmed, and th…
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RT @MareOT7: Fake Love surpassed 90M views on Youtube in just 6 days even with so many views being deleted it's remarkable. Let'…
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RT @DeanO_Lytics: @BretBearup read everything he could get his eyes on, incl my book in the early days before anyone knew of it and b…
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@noreasonspec @Aussie_Kozzy @Kermitron @NetflixANZ geez. :S long gone are the days of the grandfathered US pricing.
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@yerins i’m gonna hard block you one of these days you just wait
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RT @GoldenEaglesHky: Mark your calendars, Brockport Hockey is 148 days away! Check out the Golden Eagles full schedule for the 2018-19 s…
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15 days in total before junior year is over and that is still too many
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RT @nanatat07: Yesterday was my last day of high school. For 4 years I’ve taken pictures with my mom on my first and last days of…
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RT @Milliganreports: Today, pause & think of Anthony Foster, the finest of men. I will never forget last time I saw him, toe-tapping to…
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RT @KirtidanGadhvi: Two Days to Go! Won 'National Youth Icon Award 2018'. Join me on 26th May, 6 pm onwards at '7 Seasons Resorts & S…
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Leaving #Vancouver after 4 days of #OpenStack and #OpenInfra :) see y'all next time #OpenStackSummit
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15. Im not legal here so no, but we’ll see when I’m in Mexico in a few days lmao
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RT @Riocakes: Succubus!DD has been on my mind for days now #FFXIV
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RT @19nat75: who else wanna flirt w/ me for 4-5 months, then ghost me randomly cause ur “not ready for a relationship”, just to…
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RT @Ameerguapo: 💯 Days!! #GBR
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RT @mehdirhasan: The word 'respect is bandied about a lot these days but, seriously, big, big RESPECT for actress @priyankachopra go…
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my dreams are so strange and last the entire night these days
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RT @sunnylovelife: Wow!!! Once again Arohas never fails to surprise me! 455%! I hope the boys enjoy the yummy food. But let's not stop…
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