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RT @mayeesq: @U_Rochas Lol, I wonder who forgave him his ‘sins’. PDP? You seem to be the only one thinking so. I dare you to pos…
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TODAY @ 7:00 PM on, I'll be testing my internet connection (Got a new one!) to see if I can…
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@guildwars22 @olafdoesstuff I know what you mean- doesn’t always feel that way on the ground. Dare to hope? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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RT @ardentreflexion: i dare not touch certain words, for fear that i will somehow darken their delicate allure with my continual assiduity.
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RT @_Mighty_Heart: Kami: How many freckles do you guys think Midoriya has? Bkg: 63 on his face alone. Kami: ...well, I can only see…
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RT @Soba_44: 🔥 SORTEO x3 #KrampusAsh 🔥 🎁daré otro en directo en mi twitch🎁 📝REQUISITOS📝 ✅ Seguirme @Soba_44 ✅ Mencionar a 2 a…
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@RachelDelahaye I'm not But they wouldn't dare mess with me!
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RT @leumas_vybez: Turning your back on me when I gave you back to back orgasms, how dare you.
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RT @baseitaliaweb: Un generatore di elettricità affidabile costa circa 9000 Euro. Proviamo a donarne uno o piú. Potete dare contributo…
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@a1737399 @affinitybyserif They will ask you to pay again, how dare they!
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RT @ChristianWalk1r: You came for every single mother who raised their child while dealing with abuse. My mom protected me, loved me, an…
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@Curticsblue1 😅😅🤣🤣. Please give me a list of what Jonathan started ?? Don’t dare say this 2nd nigeria bridge .
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@WrestlingCovers @SeanRossSapp I dare say Briscoes FTR was FTR 's best feud since they left Stamford. To me, that s…
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@PiinkberriVT I'd def say if you aren't enjoying the characters/dialogue/etc so far you won't warm up to it by play…
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RT @ElReyApostador_: REGALARÉ 30 MIL PESOS EN CASH. Si Marruecos elimina a Portugal daré el dinero. Para participar es obligatorio segu…
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RT @Agenda2030_: Os quitaré el sexo y os daré porno. Os quitaré los hijos y os daré mascotas. Os quitaré la familia/amigos y os daré…
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@NashMuhandes you wouldn't dare
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RT @TweetsViaMicky: @BiggBoss don't you dare mess with our king. STOP TARGETING ANKIT #AnkitGupta #AnkitBattalion
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Probabilmente lo sapevano entrambi che un giorno sarebbe finito il loro amore, quell'amore senza un futuro. No, non…
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@HPforter @andysignore She’s actually the one I want to see the most and dare I say it the emerging relationship be…
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