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RT @npomvtt: 🥵! E-CHAN do DKB durante a performance de 'Gambler' (cover do Monsta X) apresentada na segunda rodada do 'Dancing I…
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RT @koomyluckycharm: This video of Yoongi fishing for some armys while Seokjin dancing in the back is the cutest thing you will see toda…
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RT @PoojaMedia: A Brazilian Fan Dancing to @heisrema's Calm Down in Qatar after Brazil victory over South Korea. #PoojaInQatar 🇶🇦
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Love my Witch Hunter oc, he gay and old as hell but he doesn't mind dancing with the ladies (i guess) #toontown…
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The time has come not to live dancing tangos.
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RT @ann_obyrne: We’ve had the most brilliant night at The Tuesday Club Christmas Concert! The Baptist Church was full to the rafter…
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RT @teuhamihan: main vocaling THEN main dancing???????? jihoon is insane
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RT @ayacchuu: YUMA's placement is insane. Sasuga AVEX graduate. He managed to hit A4 in the same placement as the backtrack while…
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RT @fuemi_kawaii: @Football__Tweet "I think It's disrespectful dancing like that every time they score.I don't mind the first jig, or…
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Lillian DiPiazza talks about transitioning from life as a principal dancer in Philadelphia to life as a corps membe…
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@stlwell2 @Bronek__Jelonek @DefenceU You think dancing is despicable? You sad, sad little man! 😂
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It’s been made perfectly clear that Herschel Walker is an obsequious sycophantic Trump tap dancing buffoon. We in…
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RT @Vienna_Gambit: "Dancing is disrepectful to the adversaries" Let's show how Roy Keane was respectful. 13 red cards (most in Engli…
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RT @elfbatross: Still can't get over all this tiktok dancing the kids do these days. And it's cool?? As someone who was a youngun i…
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RT @JamesMelville: “There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.” This magnificent couple have still got it. In fact…
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@VernorsHerzog my birthday is January 2nd so I guess I at least win by getting nine ladies dancing?
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RT @smol_kia: "Slow dancing and jazz, 2 am" #taekook
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RT @_fancypirouette: @nyctophil3 not to mention the players are dancing to support Vini Jr since a guest on a spanish show was racist to…
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if there’s julia baretto’s dancing queen, there’s wednesday addam’s goo goo muck
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