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RT @NHSMillion: This letter from a nurse should shame our government, yet they still claim they are proud of their record with the…
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RT @ChumelTorres: “En las crisis hay quien llora y hay quien vende pañuelos”. Pinche frasesota que me dijeron ayer.
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@MassSWAN @GibertiAllan @TranceJerry It's pretty damn clear these guys think they are atop of the moral hierarchy a…
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RT @MariamMartinezB: La nueva ola es crítica con el feminismo liberal, un feminismo en crisis centrado en permitir a algunas mujeres asc…
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"I've never seen anything like the refugee crisis." IRC Voice and @GameofThrones star @IAMLenaHeadey discusses her…
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@WhoIsDTJackson No one believes she committed suicide. Sometimes the government murders their crisis actors to keep them quiet.
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Waited until 40 to get my very first scooter; it’s the modern midlife crisis knocking 😉 Segway Ninebot ES4 is 👌 min…
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RT @davidschneider: This is scary reading - “rudderless”, “risk of collapse”, “crisis lasting months” - till you read that the “prepare…
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RT @AJEnglish: 2- People in Kabul are digging deeper wells as the city faces a water crisis #WorldWaterDay
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RT @RichardHaass: in just 24 hours the secstate was surprised by Golan Heights tweet & now @realDonaldTrump has lifted new Treasury s…
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Venezuela necesitará al menos $70.000 millones para poder superar crisis económica .'
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RT @jordovas: Oxycontin al banquillo. Demanda masiva en EE.UU. por la crisis de los opiáceos.
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RT @AICCMedia: This election is not a fight for power, but for the soul of India itself.Apart from pathetic state of the economy,…
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RT @davidschneider: This is scary reading - “rudderless”, “risk of collapse”, “crisis lasting months” - till you read that the “prepare…
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RT @CraigAr64: My bosses step son(31)died last week from heroin OD, now I understand we cant stop the inlfux of heroin with a wall…
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RT @BellaLack: A metaphor for humanity’s attitude towards the ecological crisis:
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RT @kanon_ff_kh: CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII   セフィロス  セフィロス達ソルジャーの出生が掘り下げて語られるクライシスコアFFⅦでは  ソルジャー達を庇ったり勇気づけるセフィロスに心が温かくなったり、シャンプ…
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RT @RodiSad: U.S.-backed Syrian force still battling Islamic State
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