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@Brianmbunde You owns this Kenyan post? Nimefinywa makende some months ago coz of a post you posted!
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RT @minefordb: “coz you’re good pa naman” tama tama, mhie ang galing niya mhie, mamahalin po ms. #BelleMariano
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@coz_idgaf She told me if i follow she will file case against me nd 😭😭😭😭
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@BeyondInception But weird for you to make this a popularity competition coz you’re not exactly doing brilliantly.…
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@manlike_milton them go wipe you cord coz of 200 nah
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Ok so is proof basically gonna be us getting more into the entire discography. What inspired them and who is behind…
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@jestesSloncem no cóż to się przekonasz ahaha
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atom of courage To say “what happened to her?” Coz I don’t know how respectful, Disrespectful or insensitive it is…
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Unazikwa leo kesho bibi anakamua nut ya another man ha ha ha leo sijui niwashe candles and just celebrate me coz wtf is that post 😂😂😂😂😂
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RT @dbfloret: omg you guys no coz i just realized na nilower pala ni donny yung pagkarga niya kay belle kase nakashorts lang siya…
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@doniiblis @bonnysidharta @raviopatra @nickyrp__ Visum n saksi udah ada, kayaknya udah kuat deh... Emang sih pesimi…
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@_KatlegoSemusa ...find and choose better and healthier coping mechanisms,we must use all services available to us.…
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RT @hanybunch: Disclaimer : ended up here coz I was doing research on my next content with Isaac haha. I thought the video was int…
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RT @ashwsbreal: In last 5 days of the devastating $LUNA and $UST crash, Do kwon and team have only posted 4 times. This is a multi…
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RT @pauriahcarey: TBHHHHHH hear me out but this can be a green flag if they’re in contact not coz they’re still hung up but because t…
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RT @yeonbinsosoft: If anyone is curious about our past performances from tdce up until now, im happy to share it to you guys coz WE RE…
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