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@BULLCITYBOI @aydin_kenya @OccupyDemocrats You really are not paying attention.. anytime the left accuses someone o…
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RT @QondiNtini: Journalists who gained fame, seniority and social media engagement during a time of extreme government dysfunction…
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RT @SakuraTsubasa: @sagacyte here's a trusted source covering it
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RT @smi76414979: @Burt642 @showdemandvalu1 That's hilarious. NO arsonist has been arrested in OVER 10 YRS in Stephen MacNeil's arson…
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RT @PFF: Good luck covering Brandon Aiyuk right now 👀
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I know the air quality is rough today but everyone on my bus has a cough and fucking no one is even covering their…
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RT @JeremyIKaufman: My speculation: Dusty is being diplomatic covering for pitchers that prefer throwing to Maldonado over Diaz. No one…
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RT @meghanncuniff: One of the most annoying things about covering celebrity cases is seeing my work, particularly photos, stolen and u…
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I just wanted to show my gratitude by covering the tab for lunch.
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RT @7NewsMelbourne: Australian news reporters were barred from covering Daniel Andrews' address to the Australia-China economic co-ope…
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RT @tinyklaus: The Guardian is now covering UFO crash retrieval programs. #ufotwitter #uaptwitter
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Hey Bloomberg! Where the hell have you been in covering this case? Why are you so surprised? Billings have been do…
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🏆 RACE RESULT! 🏆 'Pluto' out of abSOLute Horsepower has just won the 🪙 16960.000 Outlaw Stakes, covering 10 furlon…
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RT @Zaynab71990: Each time the salted droplets came from the sea how I covered the sky & the clouds covering the endless joys as th…
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RT @LunaSpencer16: Whether Prince Harry wins the legal case or not, he wins. Because the world’s media is outside a London Court cov…
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RT @bennyjohnson: Jesse Watters EXPOSES Media puppets covering up for politicians in "SECRET SOCIETIES?!"
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RT @alcontent416: Indigenous protestors are blocking the street at Spadina and College in Toronto until this newly installed alcohol…
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#Thread Script from TV station news covering the accident
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