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RT @eloquentEEL: Are you f’ing kidding me? Are they going to put every push on report now? How often do you see that when a player’s…
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RT @ShadayaKnight: Fellas, be like a properly run football club. When looking for a woman, view her as a goalkeeper, the less clean sh…
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RT @sjamesgatefan: Becketts blanket corner with a lovely couple we've met 🧡
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RT @jakegapper: With another Scottish independence referendum just around the corner I thought I'd write a thread on what was pushe…
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@Lanimwdavid @citizentvkenya huyo ndo anasemekana amefanya kazi zaidi...freedom is around the corner.
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RT @zeeraahh: we had a mimic the pose corner and minronren insisted on taking photos with him too 😂😂
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@JK_Vikernes @macaroni_kraft all these "country " are in border of russia and were russian backyards against nato i…
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#dynasty Ben has the analogy of a mosquito. He’s literally bugging every ex and current carrington family member be…
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the Great Unconformity is but one corner of my Judean Desert, its tempting stones all Judases. rock 'n' roll
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Are you f’ing kidding me? Are they going to put every push on report now? How often do you see that when a player’s…
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RT @childishblonde: the squishmallows in the corner of your room watching you get raw dogged
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RT @Itsmetb21: U had many emotionally breaking moments in last weeks but evertime u gathered them up and walked forward. U were in…
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Blossom was in so much pain when she was found abandoned in a corner. Her first bath is simply heartbreaking.
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RT @elyxnad20: I’m getting really sad atm and so here’s a video of Yuki smiling really big when he reaches Ran down the line 🥺♥️ t…
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RT @TheFlowerChhild: Cardinal Signs 🦉 Aries | Cancer | Libra | Capricorn ☀️; 🌙 ; ⤴️ ; ♥️ A new & exciting beginning just around the co…
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@TOzgokmen It is already around the corner.
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@PeterWMurphy1 From my naughty corner think pretty close. In NSW 11 weeks annual leave, about 4-5hrs class time per…
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Stack up $HELENA while you can💰 Our next update #PassiveIncome 2.0 is just around the corner and it won't stop for…
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RT @TurunMalaysia: Terima kasih kepada mahasiswa dan rakyat Malaysia yang hadir pada Speakers Corner sebentar tadi! Program tidak ak…
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