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@SirThomthegood 1. We are not saved through baptism. 2. We cannot lose our salvation. 3. There is not a sacrament o…
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@ebukaamadi Errrm I don’t think it would be a confession if it was conscious sha
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@authormegbecker I will do only one habanero pepper type confession this year and here it is. I have broken records with my skills.
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RT @chris_kaiju: With today being the start of Pride, I wanna share what is probably going to be one of my favorite examples of quee…
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@roxcoldiron Confession: I have to double-check that I am muted when I go to the bathroom with wireless headphones.
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RT @snnpaz: confession : souvent jfais expres davoir un mauvais comportement pour en arriver là
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@RedNeck_Zeus001 @SirThomthegood God is lovingly inviting me to come back to him like the Prodigal son in Confessio…
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RT @kkyukirby: not bighit making me sit here during festa month and watch THIS namkook love confession moment all over again
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RT @snnpaz: confession : souvent jfais expres davoir un mauvais comportement pour en arriver là
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@deadmeatjames Every conservative accusation is a conservative confession.
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@RedNeck_Zeus001 @SirThomthegood God can do whatever he wants and whatever he does is perfect and holy. I can see b…
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weird that this is similar to another confession that was submitted earlier…
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Confession, when I was a omnivore I did try Keto, I sharted during this time on more than one occasion, I’m more as…
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confession till this day i did not watch Breaking Bad
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RT @ToksAdejuwon: Colossians 2:20 20 Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in th…
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RT @IT3OYKAI: get yourself up, it's your time for confession / just tell your name, tell me the confession
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also confession i can barely speak arabic at this point it's so embarrassing
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RT @only4akutagawa: Guysguyd LISTEN i could feel the dawning realization, enemies to lovers 40k words slow burn fic, confession, establ…
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RT @CarlNyberg312: @micahinATL This is a confession that police, prosecutors and courts are abusing their powers for illegitimate poli…
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