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Steve Bruce serves another reminder that loyalty is football's rarest commodity #nufc
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RT @CFRN: Time - our most valuable commodity is a non-renewable resource. Unfortunately, most Traders spend 80% of their time…
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@shakkuiyer @acjoshi We Hindus consider cows as much as a human (mother). They consider in the way they treat any w…
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RT @CNBCTV18News: Gold outperforms equity, up 11% in 2019. @Manisha3005 with details #Commodity Corner
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RT @tessa_mugenya: FYI data surpassed oil as the most valued commodity in the world and Kenya has zero data protection laws......just be careful guys
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#China's Export: Unwrought Copper & Copper Product was reported at 571.739 USD mn in May 2019.…
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@fickenchucker1 @MrBlueSkyFluter @Michael11898250 @orgogg @Digbylj May I just point out the sub prime mortgages wer…
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@bcphatesyou will have easy access and women competition. Sex is a commodity Post Sexual Revolution and treating it…
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In order to reduce the federal budget, Sarah Palin proposes a shut down of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
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Six MPs claimed the money was secretly and irregularly withdrawn by the ministry from the fund’s account at the Cen…
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RT @HelenGymAtLarge: Hahnemann is a community resource, not a real estate commodity. From me and @BernieSanders, for the…
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RT @AliHassan_AliH: The saddest reality in modern life is that humans have exchanged their most valuable assets like health, family, fr…
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@IWoM85 Yeah, much like all apps that demand access to your personal contacts / camera / pics. Privacy in the futur…
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RT @miningcomau: Iron ore futures retreated in Wednesday trade after the Dalian Commodity Exchange announced an increase in transact…
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You cannot have a low steel price with high Nickle prices...Steel prices to rise further from here...Nickle leading…
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If you want to create and capture lasting value, don’t build an undifferentiated commodity business.
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Gold outperforms equity, up 11% in 2019. @Manisha3005 with details #Commodity Corner
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Article on Appeal Of #Gold Loans Rises Amid NBFC Liquidity Crisis by #RameshVarakhedkar in #Bloomberg More Details…
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RT @svnaaaa: Hot Commodity 🍯
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