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RT @Hannasuewilson: College Classmate via insta dm: what did we do in class, I wasn't there today Me: idk, and I was there today
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RT @Skepmi: @PrincessBravato @Cruellaisdevine Cost city & college combined $500K on security. Shld chrge high risk spkrs estima…
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RT @dodo: These dogs are SO EXCITED their sister is home from college 🐶🐶💞
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RT @dodo: These dogs are SO EXCITED their sister is home from college 🐶🐶💞
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@shoe0nhead Clearly that's a college class you should drop...this shit isn't what people go to college for. Is this…
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RT @UAAlumniAssoc: Trinity College's Old Library's Long Room houses 200,000 of its oldest books #TravelingWithTheTide
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RT @BigWeiss: I'm such a poor college kid that I used a frozen Uncrustable as an icepack for a headache last night, and I ate it when I woke up today
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We're releasing a few of Pick City's college football plays early.. Tonight: 2* CSU -7 Saturday: 4* Mich State -6.5 3* Texas Tech -7
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RT @MBakerTBTimes: Jim McElwain was hired to boost #Gators offense. 2 1/2 seasons later, where do things stand? I explored:
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RT @ellieball101: I don't understand when college kids tell me they don't drink how do you survive?!
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Hello I have so much college work to do but instead I’m SEXTING three boys x
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RT @KenMatthews: 24 year old teacher defends RACISM at PA college
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RT @RubinReport: Wait, this is a college class, not a pre-school? Really?! cc: @jordanbpeterson @BretWeinstein @joerogan @CHSommers
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RT @JazzzKellie: If I’m being honest I don’t even wanna go to college
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College essays - Writing of college essay may seem to be an easy task... #Essays #Dissertation
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Website accessibility lawsuits have increased 7x in two years. Learn how to protect and prepare your #highered site…
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RT @arshaler: Get the word out! Step 1 to postsecondary ed - Fill Out FAFSA! Thanks @sumcents @mspalten01 & @LEAP4college partners
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RT @collegeprobIem: only in college can you go to lecture and not pay attention at all but still be proud of yourself because at least you went.
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RT @transscribe: Radical thought: the college campus free speech issue isn't about free speech but laying the grounds to punish protest on a wide scale
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RT @rannedoesntweet: "College na kayo, dapat matuto kayong mag-self study" First of all, ibalik mo tuition ko
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