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RT @ThinkSarcasm: I wish college was 5 easy payments of $19.99
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@TheFreshBrew @realDonaldTrump The Electoral College elected a man who's sole purpose is to undo everything the pre…
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RT @mlananna: I went behind the scenes with @dcbaseball_ for its Cinderella run. Now, you can go behind the scenes, too. My piece:
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RT @ronniesidneyii: Spent 7 years in special ed., graduating with a 1.8 GPA. A teacher said I wasn't going to college. Now I'm a VCU gr…
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FWIW. When they wrestled in college 12 years ago both had trouble taking each other down. Phil much more sophistica…
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RT @JayBilas: No college coach "produces" pros. They recruit them. Think of it this way, what NBA coach "produces" the most All-Stars?
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RT @CjayyTaughtHer: a college degree a refund check class is cancelled the exam has been curved [its more in life than just sex]
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RT @NSMQGhana: End of Round 1: Prempeh College: 28 GSTS: 28 Aduman SHS: 09 This promises to be interesting! Next is the Speed Race. #NSMQ2017
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RT @PawanDurani: A Dalit , studied at Welhams, Maharani Gayatri College & Mirinda House , Husband is a Brahmin . In name of poor & caste , we must vote !
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RT @sophianaughton: wtf am I gonna do in college without my cat
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@bandpotato i love u T_T sorry for being an onion with my recent tweets, but i'm glad that i met you in my college…
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RT @WilDonnelly: Who will pay for the tax cuts 4 the rich in the #GOPWealthCare bill The poor & disabled This is what Ryan has dre…
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RT @NSMQGhana: End of Contest: Adisadel College: 50 New Juaben SHS: 40 Takoradi SHS: 38 Congratulations Adisadel College! #NSMQ2017
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RT @MemeSuppIier: "Your parents must be so happy to have you home from college"
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RT @ohuhbubb: @kylegriffin1 @TIME I would bet $ that the hacking probably happened more often in districts that had higher Electoral College numbers🤔
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The future of your admissions are now in the balance what are you going to do Trinity College
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RT @NDTheatre: Please re-tweet or DM someone who might be interested in this great job. #theatrejobs #leeds #Backstage…
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RT @pagnotti5: Today I will let the world know that I will be playing college football at...
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RT @itsclasssof2017: I used to think college kids were really old and mature, but now I'm going into college and still feel like a 7th grader so
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RT @piagaiser: Sasablay na po bukas. 🌻🎓 (college po hindi po grade school 😂)
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