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Ai Shem Black people we seriously lack financial intelligence 🚮🚮 Women❌ Alcohol❌ Expensive clothes❌ #Iblewit
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@Jesus_G_Navarro @bennyjohnson For wearing clothes that are tame by most standard? Fuck off.
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Do you wear clothes when you're alone in home?
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@MeAfter4 @WinterWonder125 @Crayon78848049 Yup and it’s not even about her size, it’s literally the fact that she w…
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UK: Migrants have 'nice iPhones and smart clothes. They are all men. You do not see any women or children.'
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@dilijeon Whose gonna tell them that ...this kook is once in a lifetime cause he going back to hang out with his be…
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RT @KingBobIIV: A 70 year old woman was repeatedly punched in the face by a man pretending to be a woman, because she doesn't think…
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RT @sugaxspice_: this was the skinship he was warning us abt? he had me thinkin they were gonna start ripping his clothes off 😭
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At last Loisel put on his clothes #珠海95 #珠海资源 #珠海spa
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RT @tipsNmotivation: Fold clothes like a pro! 😉
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RT @Gigiiibeee: Cinderella removed one shoe and found love ❤️ and half of y’all removed all your clothes and you are still single 😂
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WEST BIKING Cycling Vest Men Gym Bicycle Clothes Sleeveless Shirt Fitness Vest Singlet Sportswear Workout Tank Top…
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@thirteen_mp3 “Oh wow a man wearing womens clothing he must be trans!” Mf men can wear fem clothes too without bein…
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@Frass056 Lmaooo yo nfs I saw the clothes and I’m like “why would u sell this bullshit” and I peeped it’s blocking the actual product
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@strongarm_kayla I only rocked maxi dresses when I had to wear clothes post op. 😅 You look like you’re making an ef…
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RT @Calvinkookfari: I need to know who edited this accurately- same clothes, hidden koobies, abs revealed Whoever did pls do more, for…
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@itto_inho it means go be the breadwinner and after your naturally busy and long day youll come home to me having d…
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@Matt_n_Nat IDs and passports, credit cards and some cash in local currency, iPhone, MacBook, chargers (including a…
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@SailorAstera They might just be sewn shut. Fancy clothes things 🤷🏻‍♀️
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@latimes Did she make the money on the vids or clothing sales? You can market your junk anywhere. TikTok didn't pay…
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