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@ohiotrafficcams pretty sure three of the five times i've come closest to being killed on a highway are in this frame
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RT @SarahAshtonLV: People don't know this : @SpaghettiKozak is my closest real life American friend in Kharkiv. We spent many nights…
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@2VintageClassic Fun fact... the closest building ("Citizens Building") in that postcard grew from six to nine stor…
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RT @Freedom_35ers: Join us tonight at 9pm EDT for 🔴#F35Live 🚀This week we're having a Pre-Party for @cNFTcon with some of our closest…
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This was the closest poll ever, but thats been how my polls have been this year for some reason haha.. 😅 The winni…
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RT @MammonMachine: Gundam isn't like Star Wars, where everyone agrees there's a "real" Star Wars, but no one agrees on which it is or…
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RT @sim0rghie: Palestine will be liberated through armed resistance supplied by its closest allies, not by buying pali roots t-shi…
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RT @IskandarWinanda: #Qnt $Qnt This week at sibos, tell those closest to you. to immediately have $Qnt assets that are worth saving unti…
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@NoblePhares On the 2nd pic (closest to tree) if you enlarge it, it looks like a tower or something on top.
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RT @RollingStone: Josh Hawley “ran like a bitch as fast as he fucking could to the closest safe room in the fucking Capitol building.”
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The closest once to you will be the most unappreciative once!
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@Highspeedhomer @megan_corcoran_ The closest you can possibly get to nothing, like 99.99999999999999999999999999999…
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RT @LindseySnell: Azerbaijan has spread and celebrated dozens of videos of war crimes their soldiers committed against Armenians that…
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@LaptopGraham @atRachelGilmore Honesty it’s the closest thing to investigative reporting she’s ever done. Her wheel…
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RT @AmSZN_: Some of the closest country borders in the world Thread!
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@AJiazhang @MogTheUrbanite If the potential targets haven't updated, no. Closest is 100 miles away and outside of the wind direction.
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That was absolutely one of the closest ten counts I’ve ever seen. #WWERaw
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Jupiter is coming its closest to Earth in decades - but this means the earth is opposite ha…
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@JessieTails1992 Uh sonic 1. It just looks the closest to ohshima’s art and honestly it feels more consistent to me imo
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28 years ago I had a dream about a spice cake (this is real, btw), and pursued that flavour in real life ever since…
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