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great. I worked hard and literally watched those two kids, cleaned up their messes, made them stop bickering for he…
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@DullVivid Trying to draw and cleaned leftover paint off my workstation
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@danielhowell91 well, you see, i got egg yolk everywhere, and i cleaned up the yolk and stuff but the countertop is vvvveeeeerrry sticky
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RT @KunleYussuf: Cleaned up with the Mop now the whole block call me consuela! 🎵🎶 Disruption comes in many shapes and sizes, distr…
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Hello, this is my picture of the day which I took in France. I have made lots of edits here. I have mirrored the ba…
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Dad duties done. Dragged my snotty, coughing frame out and cleaned cat's litter tray & hoovered up round ex's place…
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come home from work and stewarts cleaned the whole house, done the washing and ironing and changed the bed covers s…
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Collards cleaned and cut and gon into the pot. Southern living
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Went into Shane Co to get my rings cleaned and it is PACKED with men freakin’ out about paying $17K for holiday engagement rings lol
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yes . .but it appears the only dreams that count are for Illegals this must stop. .we loose people each day. .we c…
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RT @BrianTheMedia: I hope you've cleaned your dancing shoes for tonight's turn up at @Harem_sa Doors open at exactly 10PM
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@FifoF16 I was following like 700 accs and most of them were accs that i just randomly followed and today that gave…
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RT @TrollKC: Getting my teeth cleaned and now all I can think about is what the O’Driscoll’s are up to.
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RT @RedOriginGames: Day 4: More work with the pico8 today. Nothing to show, just cleaned up my code some. #100DaysOfCode
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Day 4: More work with the pico8 today. Nothing to show, just cleaned up my code some. #100DaysOfCode
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Also hi i cleaned my hell shelf 👍👍 finally I have boxes to put stuff in, and threw out stuff i've been saving "just…
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@BBCWatchdog @FoxNikkiFox @Mattallwright @stephbreakfast You need to take a look at beer lines in pubs - if not cle…
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i had to get up early to take my clinic supplies back to the downtown office and so i got an early start to my day.…
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RT @_KyraDavis: I have to get this jacket dry cleaned anyway😊🐶
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So while I’ve felt so shit all day my best friend has not only took me out for the day to take my mind of things bu…
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