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RT @KentWGraham: My wife cleaned the house for Thanksgiving so now I’m not allowed to leave this chair until Thursday at noon.
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Time is so precious. For example; last night i left this nigga house cause he was being irritating. Came home and c…
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the rehab mt brother works at was being completely cleaned so they had move to another one on the other side of the island for a couple days
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RT @PartyLlamaGames: We hope this helps with your #MondayMotivation! We've now implemented walking AI, new builds, and updated textures…
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@NovaScotiaLive Another shit stain cleaned up.
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RT @SkiptoMy_Lu2: When the girl bluffed but at least you cleaned your room
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i just cleaned my room, put away my laundry and changed my sheets i am an accomplished housewife someone wife me up
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RT @Chainbody: mom: i cleaned your room your diary is on the table okay sweetie kid1: ugh mom its not a diary its a journal ok ti…
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RT @NashGibsonmusic: @PeggyMercer yes wax helps the screw turn in easily.. but only a tiny drop on the tip of the screw as too much may…
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@CleverLee_Dope with this movie I see the disaster Snyder would have made being cleaned up by Whedon but the stains…
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Getting my teeth cleaned makes me wanna walk around smiling all day 😁
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i never noticed how dirty my vans were until i cleaned them
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RT @brown_bear64: I think that was a video on why you shouldn't drink coke.. I've cleaned brass with it before too
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RT @CJ_Martin_: I will never understand why I get inspired late at night. Like I straight just cleaned because “I felt like it.” I’m so weird bro
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J: If I knew you're gonna sleep in this room tonight I would have cleaned this room. S: It's okay, I like the way i…
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RT @dualmyra: I’m really not over how this man cleaned up at the AMAs and was in a whole different country jfjdhsgsgsgsf
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I almost slept that whole weekend...I only remember seeing an show of an german comedian, an asterix movie, some fa…
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RT @forgottentowel: @flarup This type of work is my day job and I have access to some helpful tools, so I have made a cleaned up P3 ver…
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"More recently his act has cleaned up and started setting the world to rights."
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Ok kids no one had better let me on this damn website until i've cleaned my entire kitchen. tell me to fuck off if…
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