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Me: Wow I hate Philly so much. It’s an actual garbage can of a city 🙄 Someone not from Philly: *talks shit about p…
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RT @InvictosSomos: FT. Manchester City 5-0 Swansea. ➔ Gol de David Silva. ➔ Gol de Raheem Sterling, asistencia de Delph. ➔ Gol de Kev…
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naw the most common thing you here bout atlanta is being the home of the black music industry, and just being an el…
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Orange City police investigate body found in lake
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Bitch The Simpson’s done showed every restaurant in the city. All the way down to Cajuns and Genes
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RT @CarmelSD: Almighty, ever-living God, bring us to the joy of your heavenly city: so that we, your little flock, may follow…
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LA my city 🌃
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RT @Tumballr: Dark city🌌🌃
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RT @hayleycampbell: Nearly midnight but I can't go to bed because my cat hasn't come home yet so I'm just watching another episode of S…
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Orlando City is currently sitting third in the East table, but has allowed more goals (12) than any other East team other than Montreal
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RT @EasternMediafax: #BREAKING #DAMASCUS #HAJR_AL_ASWAD #IS targets the outskirts of Sahnaya district south Damascus City with artiller…
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I found that last rap project while I was generally sucking at life at a La Quinta in Plant City
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RT @BarbaraHershey8: Two people who helped Scott Pruitt buy an Oklahoma City house now hold top jobs at the EPA
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RT @_EXOstyle_: EXO XIUMIN on MBC It’s Dangerous Outside The Blanket SWEATSHIRT (Blue) 엑소 시우민 민석 이불밖은 위험해 CITY BREAK 블루 파란색 하늘색 맨투맨…
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RT @LegInsurrection: Demonization: Durham NC City Council bans police exchanges with Israel
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RT @ItsMeCathi: Former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said today that he'd cut a check for $4.5 million to fulfill the Uni…
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▽「市長への手紙」に寄せられた主な意見 平成30年2、3月分を掲載いたしました。 3002-01 総合運動公園について 3002-02 久慈川河川敷のテニスコートについて 3002-03 市の財政状況について 3003-01…
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