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RT @jen_keesmaat: Tearing down an expresssway gives rise to a new city. Expressways are based on two flawed ideas: that cities are pl…
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I'm at Starbucks in Kuwait City, Hawally Governorate
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RT @ATLUTD: Our fans unite us together. One City. One Club. 5-Stripes. Available now.
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RT @kalanfrfr: Don’t make me make this a city boy summer nowwwwwww
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Since I'm being super open here, one of these moments I would like to have is being atop a mountain looking at a ci…
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RT @_tierraahhh: every lil city girl when they find out yung miami is pregnant 😂
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RT @BTS_Peru: 5th Muster de BTS en Busan ya está por iniciar. Entre las canciones confirmadas tenemos HOME, Paldogangsan 😭, Ma Ci…
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RT @SaadAbedine: This video was purportedly filmed in #Saudi 🇸🇦 Al Sultan city near Abha airport where you can hear blasts and loud…
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RT @Kpop_Herald: Busan turns purple tonight💜 More than 50,000 ARMYs from all over the world have gathered for @BTS_twt' fan meeting…
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hey @usopengolf how come American players get their City & State when introduced on 1st tee but international playe…
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@BeeLucyC LOL... non a caso il City si è rivolto direttamente alla Court of Arbitration for Sports con un ricorso p…
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@City_Xtra @SunSport Whatever people say about Bellamy the guy is a winner . Hates losing.. Vinny knew this and has acted accordingly
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RT @jaimie_royle: Please watch this video and retweet with your Manchester City team mates @aguerosergiokun
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.@LAtimes covers the latest #housing debate! Find out why #StayTony founder Tony Diamond feels we need #shortterm…
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RT @jolynnnne: IM FUCKING DEAD this girl went to the worst rated mua in her city and the girl doing her makeup is out of this worl…
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@AriLennox This is so dope! Keep putting on for the city!
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@TellMamaUK @realDonaldTrump City of 8 million people its not a shire town of 80k with a serious violent crime ever…
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The City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre has been assisting youth ages 15-24 with their job search and career pl…
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RT @ReMarkable0912: 190615 Magic Shop Fan meeting 부산 City of stars✨ Are you shining just for me #방탄소년단 #BTS⁠ ⁠#RM #김남준 #Namjoon…
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