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RT @Crystal1Johnson: Female chief in Malawi broke up 850 child marriages and sent girls back to school. Not all heroes wear capes.
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RT @Peter_Fox59: In confession Fr McArdle was forgiven 1500 times by 30 fellow priests for raping children. Not one reported to police, not child was saved.
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RT @Esmeralda78210: Terrorist Zionist gang"#Mustaribin"kidnap a child during confrontations further2repression v weekly march agst…
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Amen! This strong, smart, beautiful child is a powerful teacher🌷
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RT @cherylcjsmith: Having to explain his mockery of a disabled person to my child with cerebral palsy was heartbreaking. #TrumpResign
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RT @Sunnyclaribel: Hasn't stopped her slagging off child sex abuse survivors to get her 'fix' though has it James !!! @TwitterSupport…
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I'd want to win a chunk of the #Powerball to alleviate child (& childcare) cost anxiety. And I'd upgrade my bed.
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RT @allkpop: Golden Child count down to their debut with 'Golden Week Scheduler'
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RT @FireOFola: Before you quit your 9-5 make sure you are mentally ready for business... It's no child's play and trust me those famine days will come..
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@ScottJMyers1 @kachafazks @guardian Or because there are no good ones. But only a child of priv wouldnt understand that concept
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RT @Official_GNCD: [#Golden_Child] 꿀귀🍯 동현이의 성장 다이어리 재밌게 보셨나요?😍 과거부터 현재까지 늘 항상 귀여웠던 입덕요정🦄 어화동동이! 오늘은 잘생김도 한스푼 듬뿍 들어가 있었던 #동현 이의 사진 공개합니…
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RT @AkanyiJesusA: @WRAUganda implement polices that can reduce early child marriage & put strict laws on SGBV offenders…
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RT @SenGillibrand: Child care in this country can have a hefty price tag—it's time to support working families by helping to lift the burden of these costs.
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RT @twophalangesup: He was such a precious child
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RT @Kenilso: Love the expression people make in Asia when someone drops their phone on the floor. Looks like a child was just dropped with faces like 😱
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@jackxcharm That's Bin's child ain't no man
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RT @GlennMcmillan14: Illegal.migrants Xing our borders are caught with child pornography,,As Trudeau prances in a Gay parade!!✊🏻
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How far would you go to save your child’s life?
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RT @Official_GNCD: [#Golden_Child] 잠시 후, 골든타임이 시작됩니다!😘 어화동동이 #동현 이가 준비한 주제는 바로! 과사대방출!😏 동현이의 과거부터 현재가 궁금하신 분들은 6시 골든타임을 놓치지 마세요!😎 ▶️
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RT @LeeJangJunTH: [Naver][170821][#Jangjun][#장준][#จางจุน] เจอเเบบนี้หัวใจก็หยุดเต้นสิค่ะ ขอพีอาร์ด่วนค่ะ…
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