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“Haha! Come closer child! Don’t worry, it’s not too deep! Swim! Swim to me!”
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RT @MissingKidsCEO: Thankful for our friends at @LexisNexis for partnering with us at #IACP2017 to promote child safety!
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*does something really stupid and immature* Some person: did you hit your head as a child Me: yes, yes I did
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Ready,, Set,, Pounce,, Now there’s a tiny neko child clung to @HarmfulIdentity ‘s back.
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RT @abhimanu66: Move on my child,,, tom is... Monday,,,😻🙀😻🙀😻🙀 School is nessaroy,,,😠😠😠
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RT @xinemd: @DepelteauRobert #FAKENEWS @KTancosCNN reported #Haiti child trafficking-dropped story after WJC paid Laura Silsby'…
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RT @bassninjas: How can a child know how they feel what gender they are not until they become sexual aware as in Puberty? WTF?@richieallenshow
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@BarackObama knew #HarveyWeinstein was a sexual predator and still allowed his child to go there, Sickening
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'Unconscionable': 7,000 babies die daily despite record low for child mortality
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RT @AdoptUSKids: Considering #FosterCare or #Adoption? Read These Words From a Former Foster Child - Sabrina
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RT @blu_gale: The type of person you marry plays a big role in the type of children u'll have. So do your unborn child a favour by choosing wisely.
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RT @taeyongsveins: can u imagine being stupid enough to blame johnny and chenle, a whole ass child, for a mistake that a grown man made? fuck all of you smh
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Someone needs to tell my mom that she did not sign up for another child to support and she needs to drop this “man”🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
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RT @VeronicaxSawyer: @WalshFreedom No, you DON’T have the right to attack a grieving war widow. Try making a contribution to society ins…
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RT @dinapomeranz: Child mortality has fallen so much that the global rate today is as low as it was in the richest countries in 1960:…
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@flufflesflamer @bassninjas @RichieAllenShow Oh how happy does a happy meal make your child.😝😲😧😢
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تقوية وتنشيط الذاكرة بتناول الطعام الصحي ونشاط الجسم ببعض النصائح
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RT @mrfeelswildride: this mother fucker has never interacted with an actual child
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RT @KTHopkins: Without comment: 12 'men'. 44 child sex offences - rape, assault, supplying drugs, imprisonment. Sheffield Magistra…
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