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RT @MrBrendanBlack: Recently there have been several measles outbreaks reported in Australia. If you’re against vaccination because you…
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RT @PenAbdull: As an efffective measure against child molestation especially by a family member, Islam has placed strict guideline…
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RT @RozaAT86: I woke 7:30 am Canada time and saw the teary eyes of #BirceAkalay bc of Hurmuz final and this broke my heart, an ho…
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It’s called child abuse. The parents should be arrested
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WOMEN ABUSE MEN... We must begin to consider the sexual abuse of the male child by the female folk. Sexual abuse i…
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RT @CobianYanelli: DONT FUCKING WORK WITH KIDS IF YOU DONT LIKE THEM PERIODT! Parents don’t put their innocent babies in school for yo…
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RT @OMGits_Khairy: If a black woman posted something like this her house would get raided the next day, child taken away, and they wou…
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RT @versacekissy: what if for hs2 harry does a continuation of sign of the times but in the child’s perspective after the mother died
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RT @Angry_CS: @joncoopertweets @LindseyGrahamSC A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Lindsey Graham is making stupid children tha…
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being mean on stan twt doesn’t make you look cool or whatever it is you want maybe act like an adult and not a child
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RT @Veganella_: @pjambet So if a non vegan fed their child potatoes instead of breast milk or formula, that’s wouldn’t be stupid? Lol. You’re dangerous.
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RT @EsotericExposal: The APA says the average child watches 8,000 televised murders and 100,000 acts of violence before finishing elementary school.
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RT @strayactivities: Chan singing along to “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia (2019)
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RT @sahluwal: A mom to an 8 year old special needs child sent her daughter off to school with a hidden recording device after she…
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RT @perseoregon: I would say that the kidnapping and caging of immigrant kids and now the turning them over to adoption agencies bec…
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RT @BerniceKing: Shame on America. This child and father’s cries are reminders that this nation needs a revolution of values.
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RT @ajaydalit: This is not just 'child labor' it is castist plan to maintain it's hegimoney and slavery. @DalitRights
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RT @duchesskk: There was a guy whose wife offered him full custody so she could have visitation rights and pay child support Cos o…
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@mraspinall Trust. Trust the T that spends every day w/ these kids knows them: their weaknesses, strengths, sport t…
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