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Also, what about United and Chelsea(I know they’re banned this window)? Juve spend freely, as do Bayern and Dortmun…
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RT @TheBlues___: Corriere dello Sport | #Chelsea have told Brescia and Fiorentina that they need to pay €20m if they want to sign Ma…
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par contre les copains plus de 200€ pour s’inscrire à la fac.... voilà hein
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RT @Nan_cypaul: Pls help us find Aloziem Chelsea , she has been missing for some days now. @TWEETORACLE @aproko_doctor @KelvinOssai
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@maxrushden @talkSPORTDrive the quality of the Juve squad could be largely irrelevant beyond the quality of their f…
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RT @BreitbartNews: "Babies are in cages. Cages," Leftist political activist Chelsea Handler tweeted. Funny, she never complained whe…
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He sold his Chelsea flat brought the money into Pakistan through the right channels. His ex wife also confirmed thi…
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RT @GinoRIVIECCIO: El Pipita per ora non viene girato alla Roma. Resta alla Juve che preso dal Napoli lo aveva mandato al Milan che l…
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Rather than question prevailing frameworks of political truth-telling, “XY Chelsea” veers between two conflicting n…
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RT @ChelseaFCW: Thank you and good luck, @RileyThree! 👍
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RT @Chelsea_HQ: Ashley Cole watched #Chelsea train in Yokohama but Frank Lampard has confirmed there is no immediate prospect of hi…
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RT @CFCShooter: Chelsea fans during a standard crisis season, knowing in the end we'll be alright 😂
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Your shirt-chelsea cutler
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RT @GCIIMessi: Firmino's eye patch celebration and Salah's vs Chelsea are in FIFA 20!
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RT @LuisFando: El Chelsea se ha inspirado para su camiseta visitante en la corriente Mod que revolucionó su barrio y la cultura lo…
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@starree @DirkSchwenk @gregolear Absolutely. Subpoenas with the underlying penalty of monetary fines for noncompli…
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@embiidunited99 Chelsea’s academy is easily the best
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RT @premierleague: 1️⃣ Hull City - 20 points 2️⃣ Chelsea - 20 points 3️⃣ Liverpool - 20 points A #PLMoment that left @HullCity lookin…
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