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Helatorstaiviikko tuo poikkeuksia: ℹ️25.5. Varhaiskasvatuksen asiakasmaksujen puhelin on suljettuna. ℹ️27.5. Varhai…
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@RBGMilwaukeee @ashley_saysss @BigBabyRoyal Uh oh. The child abuse enthusiasts have entered the chat. How dare u…
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Chat Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Spaixi Look at this amazing art of me in a bunny suit! I looks so cute I am soo…
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やっぱり可愛いなぁ! うーんやっぱり欲しくなってきたー!! 買ってみようかな。どこに売ってるんだろ?🤔
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RT @__gomeez: eras mi daily chat y ahora no sé ni cómo estás
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Netflix Premium (order di Instan delivery(langsung dikirim melalui chat setelah pembayar…
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RT @forlah_: Bang bang vibes but I'm shameless 🤣can we chat on WhatsApp?
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Get FREE Delivery on everything on our menu all day today! Make an order on KFC Chat Order WhatsApp, Messenger or c…
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I believe that true beauty of chess is more than enough to satisfy all possible demands. - Alexander Alekhine
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@NashiraNews heu tu n'es pas le nashira de ltt par hasard ? lol
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RT @franceculture: Depuis 10 000 ans, le chat a très peu évolué, tout juste a-t-il appris à mieux tolérer les êtres humains. C’est à s…
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Man temaaann aku mau nanyaa, Kalian yang bikin sosmed au tu sekali update misal 5-10 panel/twit yang fake chat, ki…
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Let chat? If you like please rt! _modestmouse smile chat vibes
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RT @ghaf_ghart: Second #GHAF contest of May 2022 Discord Level Up Contest Chat and reach the top level to participate in the Even…
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RT @yummycakeallure: Kids cake corner 👶 Cake size -8” Layers -4 Frosting- fondant Flavors- vanilla, red velvet and chocolate F…
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RT @forlah_: Bang bang vibes but I'm shameless 🤣can we chat on WhatsApp?
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There’s ALWAYS the OFF button! Watch @novaramedia or @AlJazeera or @BylineTimes or the one we aren’t meant to. Or b…
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@buzzmonkeyoz Sure , I will join chat❤️ Lots of hugs😘
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RT @MadridXtra: 🚨| When Mbappe's renewal became official, a Barcelona player sent this message to his teammates group chat: "This i…
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