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RT @SSMBSpace: Throwback to the golden era of Padmalaya Studios! 🌟 They redefined movie promotions with their groundbreaking ide…
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RT @unidque: I didn’t think for a minute that I will hate Turgut one day.. but thank u Nuran u did this too 🥲 another destroyin…
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Virat characters is so complicated but Neil Sir played the character of virat very well VIRAT CHAVAN FOREVER
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RT @Kairito10: Name 10 transformers characters that haven’t appeared in the movie
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@dhshxnnc @GroovyGravy6 @AngryBirds The funny thing is, its not even imaginary characters. The key word is sona. It…
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RT @theeboyonce: Lmaooo someone said “the girl who played Vanessa (white girl) sang better than Ariel”… I said “ummm so Halle Bailey…
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RT @urwameher212: We are Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan late sir, his team And salute the greatness, bravery, patriotism and loyalty of all the…
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@namtcbngm17 @YodoIsDone @red_devil330 well debunk it? and i was talking about lolicons in the first place idk why…
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RT @stitchedspider: fuck you -spiderverses your toh characters-
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@pGurus1 @Swamy39 Universities have independent faculties or the governing bodies to decide invitees who are speci…
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RT @VillainousComix: I like MCU Spider-Man but (in my opinion) the biggest thing he lacks is his supporting characters. I miss Harry Osb…
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@AgeCondor El borak is my short tanned black Irish brother and probably one of my top 3 Robert e howard characters
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all this over fictional characters, your whole account is insufferable
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RT @GuyLodge: I too hate it when characters are interesting
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@MrAndyNgo I don’t understand why they can’t make new characters and stories instead of making everything confusing
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RT @fimmieiz: Le sserafim takes a FIMILY picture with the cute characters everytime they are at the airport, as manchae's request…
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RT @Somethi228: In his entire 100 million year life, he has done nothing to deserve hate not only from some people, but also from c…
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RT @SPNFreak_Saumya: Virat Chavan is not for stan Twitter.. he is for people who do not want mahaan characters but want human characters VIRAT CHAVAN FOREVER
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@nerodsi Original RE2 was my first RE game I ever played so you can guess which characters have been my favorites s…
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The two most recent characters you have saved go against each other, which two characters are they?…
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