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RT @kwanthinkers: seungcheol changing the song while seungkwan’s singing his heart out and latter’s tiny angry reaction
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@SkySportsNews Looks like I be changing my dream team midfielder then @tomwhitemedia @BrentfordFC have done a fabulous signing there
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Genshin got boring and repetitive, and if I’m being honest I always hated the storyline and the quests. Everything…
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@missdanyelaaa in my perspective, clouds normally signifies changes, esp in life. as clouds switches from light to…
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Damn this normalized filipino actions, pls stop it, the world is changing when will y'all?
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RT @actweatherwatch: 🔥 Fire danger ratings are changing across the country from the 1st September. The new system is being developed us…
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@Revolvermag The first time , the world slavery tour at Newcastle city hall in 1984 I think. It was one of those li…
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RT @SpillerOfTea: Florida just brought in rules to: • ban all trans healthcare to young people • forcibly detransition all young peo…
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@nightgaile Your brand is changing pfp every 2min
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RT @Elizabe13014545: The UK sadly is changing and not for the better illegal migration, rape gangs, drug gangs, young men running around…
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RT @ISS_Research: .@Space_Station offers a unique vantage point for Earth observations and has become an important source for data co…
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im changing and working on myself. I ain’t even turning back on how hard I’ve been working. I’m very confident and…
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@ManifoldObscura Their presentation for the PPWC, Invisible Plural Activism: Changing Together (…
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@BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares @SoniaNair10 This is consecutively 3rd worst experience I'm having with blue dart. Parce…
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RT @CEOAdam: 12. I must tell you all. It is complicated, but it really is satisfying to play 3-D chess, especially if you know h…
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RT @tj1969t: Remember Gordon Brown, the PM we never voted for? He's just condemned the Tories for changing their leader, who'll…
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'Changing my ways won't be enough. Shizun, don't abandon me.'
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RT @NartOutHere: Game Changing Vertigo Molotov #CSGO
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RT @iconradioke: what is your take on athletes changing their citizenship ? Join this conversation with @DruMuthure and @Murbin
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