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@ThePastababe27 yea shhdhdjsjd she changed her layout
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RT @rajordan17: hearing “you’ve changed” is one of the biggest compliments ever
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RT @JJPGOTINFINITE: Aww I guess JJP never really changed at heart :') U kno wat would be really sweet? If JJP recently rewatched their…
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im jus thinking about how much my mentality has much *i* have changed since i moved here and . ah/. i…
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I have noticed the 6/7 players is slowly shrinking by the day lol we all the FCB and we all know what’s coming , ab…
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RT @akshaykumar: Extremely sad to know about the passing away of #SheilaDixit ji...she effectively changed the face of Delhi during…
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RT @minkyuunoona: HASHTAG HAVE BEEN CHANGED #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut #BY9_Debut…
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RT @Prev_Justice: The Long Arm of Childhood Trauma: Long term effects of ptst/cptsd and healing. How an individuals life was changed…
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RT @eumjigyoit: @debutBY9 !! The hashtag for mass tweet has changed !! We will use #BY9_debut start from now. Fighting!
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RT @yayaiyaaja: Hastag has changed, we will use it #BY9_debut start from now Fighting! They deserve it! And we should to make it ha…
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RT @NLLFootballDev: |WALKING FOOTBALL| Find out more from our players, Ian and Les on how Walking Football has changed their lives Heal…
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what changed?😞
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RT @Jos_Nachos: The fact that the views on epiphany hasn't changed that much is annoying like bruh a tweet will blow up saying you…
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Twitter Just Changed My Whole Perspective 😂😂
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RT @theskindoctor13: @ANI One of the best ex CM of Delhi. Changed the way Delhi travels. Good lady. Om Shanti.
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Speechless. No word. Cant blv SheilaDixit who changed the face of Delhi is no more.May God give strength to his fam…
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RT @JessieJaneDuff: This makes me sick to read. Ilhan Omar’s father & other Somalian war crimes perpetrators are currently living ille…
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RT @SeokjinHighNote: Fame changed her 🤧
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@drenshawAVFC @AVFCSupport Can understand last season as they stopped Under 3s coming into VP, but I thought they c…
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No matter how hard you try, there will be something changed inside you -not in a bad dramatic way- after you lose a person you love.
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